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The ACP Solution Series: Inbound & Outbound Telesales

In April 2024, 23 million households across the United States will lose the internet coverage afforded to them by the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). As a result, internet carriers en masse battle an unprecedented inflection point that could contribute—or steal—millions of customers.

Thankfully, AnswerNet provides as the #1 ACP solution for you, your business, and the American people. Especially during a whirlwind change, our 25+ years of experience across 30+ contact centers proves that we will secure, support, and stabilize.

Your ACP Solution for Inbound/Outbound

Tech research and consulting firm Gartner, Inc. found that live phone calls were customers’ preferred service channel by a whopping 27 percentage points. Tens of millions of potential customers are in dire need of phone calls that your business simply doesn’t have the infrastructure to manage.

We at AnswerNet already handle 100 million+ interactions a year for 10,000+ clients and will soar even higher as your ACP solution. We’ll precisely match our agents to your call volume to ensure that our 24/7 services are consistent through even the most major demographic spikes.


After the ACP ends, your current customers will need help re-enrolling and your bevy of potential customers will need help understanding what you offer. Our team of dedicated professionals will research your organization so they can serve as informed virtual customer service agents, help desk managers, and all-star communicators.

When you choose an inbound telephone answering service, some of your top questions will regard technology, geography, and quality. Rest assured that AnswerNet operates cloud-based contact centers with international range featuring highly-trained representatives answering every call.


Though ACP households are currently receiving notices explaining how, when, and why their plans are ending, millions of Americans are feeling rudderless when considering alternative options. AnswerNet can help. As your outbound ACP solution, we’ll reach out to both your current and potential customers to proactively make a change.

When you choose an outbound telephone answering service, some of your top questions will regard volume, lead sourcing, and lead conversion rates. Rest assured that AnswerNet has the biggest volume capacity of any call center in North America and prides itself on identifying, engaging, and converting leads.

Emotional Intelligence

Psychologist Carl Jung said, “know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.” While AnswerNet metrics, volume, and strategies might impress, our emotionally intelligent agents are the heart of our operation.

The truth is, tens of millions of Americans will enter this April panicked that their internet—a necessity—has suddenly become unaffordable. If even one of those Americans speaks to a professional who’s trained in emotionally supportive communication, the relief will feel monumental.


To prepare for the massive change to come, we must embrace the massive consistency that’s so far paved the way. AnswerNet will become your ACP solution because we’ve already been the solution for decades of change.

If you want to help the American people and boost your business through an inbound/outbound service with proven results, reach out here or click the button below to get in contact.