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3 Useful Benefits of Help Desk Support

It may be time to consider outsourcing to a call center for help desk support if tech issues have been slowing you, your employees, and your clients down. And considering 92% of American households own at least one type of computer, tech problems are certainly not hard to find. Read on to find out how a help desk may be beneficial for you.

Who needs help desk support?

Help desk support can benefit a wide variety of businesses and organizations. Help desk support is available for your clients, employees, or both. They typically handle basic computer issues, general troubleshooting, account issues, and other similar tech problems you, your employees, and your clients may experience on a day-to-day basis. 

Help desks exist in almost any industry. Some examples of common industries that may utilize help desk support are:

However, help desk services are customizable to fit any employer, industry, and business depending on need.

What levels of support are there?

In most help desk settings, more than one level of support is available, including:

  • Agent-Level Support
    • Agent-level support can include actions such as filling out a webform for ticket submission, initiating tickets within your system, assessing the issue’s urgency, and escalating it as needed.
  • L1 Tech Support
    • Level 1 Technical Support is available for your team or end-users facing technical problems or needing assistance. L1 technicians manage incoming tickets through automated replies, troubleshoot using knowledge bases for first-call resolution, and follow standard operating procedures (SOPs) for escalation, ensuring a seamless ticket process from beginning to end.
  • L2 Tech Support
    • Level 2 technicians manage escalated issues from Level 1 and address advanced queries involving hardware, software, operating systems, and network devices, focusing on connectivity matters to provide users with effective support for more intricate technical problems. If required, additional escalations can be directed to your internal team or field dispatch units.

What platforms support help desk support?

Help desk support is often available over multiple channels depending on the level of support needed. Lower levels have the most flexibility in omni-channel support because of the simplicity of the issues and ability to escalate through a ticketing system. More complex help desk support can utilize channels such as email and chat depending on the situation, but do better in a phone environment due to the complexity of calls. However, these services can be customized to work best for you and your business’ needs.

3 Benefits of help desk support

  1. 24/7 support
    • Unfortunately, tech problems are never just limited to business hours. Help desk services are available with flexible hours to support you whenever issues may arise. 
    • Weekend, holiday, and overnight options help your business run smoothly and keep your customers and employees happy.
  2. Affordable options
    • Whether you are on a tight budget or have lots to spend, help desk services are available to fit your budget. Can’t afford dedicated support? Shared agent options are available to assist you for a lower price. Need 24/7 support? Hours can be customized to fit your time and budget needs.
  3. Multiple agent environments
    • Depending on the needs of your business, you can choose to have shared or dedicated agent support. Shared agents are generally assigned to multiple businesses and receive training in customer support and generic technical services, typically for a lower cost. Dedicated agents are assigned solely to your business and receive training on handling more complex calls that may be specific to your clients/industry. They typically come at a higher price than shared agents due to the specificity of their roles.

AnswerNet HelpDesk Services Can Help!

Now that you know a little more about help desk services, you may be wondering how to take the next step. AnswerNet specializes in agent-level, L1, and L2 help desk support. Our services provide 24/7 coverage and support for any business that can benefit from a help desk environment.

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