Third-Party Verification is a trusted identity verification service that supports businesses in maintaining compliance while delivering a straightforward and transparent contract journey for customers.

With over 115,000,000 Completed Verifications, AnswerNet is the Leading Authority in

Third-Party Verification.

Experience the Ultimate

Largest TPV provider globally

94 years revolutionizing TPV solutions

Tailor-made solutions, next-gen tech

With the AnswerNet TPV FOCUS Portal, you can remove all ambiguity and gain direct visibility into the details of every customer interaction.

Our mobile app is easy to use, providing step-by-step guidance for agents AND customers, and guaranteeing quick and reliable verifications for you.

Friendly follow-up surveys provide extensive customer experience feedback in real-time. Allowing you to make informed adjustments and keep your campaign fluid.

The FOCUS Dashboard collects data, contracts, reports and business rules into one user-friendly interface. Giving you a comprehensive overview of your campaign and how it’s performing.

AnswerNet’s unique resources support our portal, proactively monitoring and detecting suspicious activity. When a potential risk is spotted, we deploy a broad range of notifications to protect your business and stifle fraudulent activity at a moment’s notice.

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Three Methods to Fit Your Needs

AnswerNet’s unique TPV capabilities offer three different forms of verification service to align cohesively with your industry’s specific needs.

Elevate your customer interactions with our Live Agent system - where human expertise meets cutting-edge technology. Our skilled agents engage customers directly, delivering verifications that inspire confidence.

Embrace the future of verifications with our Digital system. Seamlessly track verifications through geolocation to mitigate fraud. Customize business rules and state restrictions in an easy-to-use online interface.

Unleash the power of automation with our IVR system. Conversations come alive through recorded prompts, offering customers choices via touch-tone or speech. It’s not just about verification, it’s about connection at scale.

Reliable and Objective Verification, from Start to Finish

AnswerNet provides dependable third party verification for your business, building trust and prioritizing compliance.

Information Validation

Information Validation

Ensure information accuracy and reliability for trustworthy processes.

Organized Documentation

Organized Documentation

Streamline operations with efficient document handling and storage solutions.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Gain actionable insights from data for informed business strategies.

Fraud Mitigation

Fraud Mitigation

Safeguard your business by preventing unauthorized and deceitful activities.



Confirm authenticity and legitimacy, assuring compliance at every level.

Elevate Security, Reduce Spending

With over 115 million verifications performed, AnswerNet’s TPV experience has pioneered new solutions in third party verification and lifted countless companies out of the dark and into compliance.

Enroll more customers

Real-time verification protocols boost customer confidence in the enrollment process, increasing conversion rotes.

Maximize efficiency

Seamless, user-friendly solutions ensure accurate and swift verifications, optimizing business operations.

Reduce fallout

Meticulous oversight creates a fail-safe against miscommunications and disputes, safeguarding your company’s reputation.

Match Your Budget

Our TPV services are customized for your budget, protecting your profits and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might ask about our products and services.

The cost of third-party verification is customized based on your business’s specific needs, including the complexity of the verification process and volume of transactions. This ensures that the service is both affordable and tailored to your unique requirements.

Third-party verification works by using an independent service to confirm the details of a transaction or interaction. This process is crucial for businesses that need to validate information with accuracy and reliability, providing an added layer of security and trust between companies and their customers.

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