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Never Have a "No Show" Again With Our Appointment Scheduling Tools

Eliminate the Cost of an Empty Chair

Appointment Scheduling Services

Let AnswerNet make, manage and remind your clients of their appointments. AnswerNet has Appointment Scheduling Services to run your schedule efficiently and profitably.

What's the Cost of an Empty Chair?

Let’s take a look at a business with $100 appointments, a list of 400 clients in a month and the cost of the “no-show”:

  • 2 no shows per day = $200
  • 14 no shows per week = $1,400
  • 52 no shows per month = $5,200

What's the Cost of An Appointment Reminder Service?

It is about $0.20 per transaction or $80 per month. What is the cost of a scheduler? It is about $1.40 per day or $40 per month. The total monthly cost for both is $120. The reduction in “no-shows” in a month is 75%, preserving $3,980 in revenue. Why wouldn’t you have this service?

Why AnswerNet?

For the regional influence you want and the boutique-style service you enjoy, we have 25+ locations across the US and Canada. AnswerNet also has the ability to seamlessly migrate call traffic in case of an outage, so there is never a break in service.

AnswerNet has thousands of clients in virtually all markets—federal and state agencies, legal, medical, nonprofit and fortune 100 companies. They all rely on us to keep their businesses running. So think AnswerNet for all your appointment scheduling and reminder service needs.

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Multilingual Support

We pride ourselves on ensuring every customer feels right at home. We employ agents who speak fluently in Spanish, French, and more.

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Scalable Offerings

No business is the same. We offer specialty services scaled to all businesses, from small start-ups to established enterprises.

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Seamless Integration

Our technology supports API integrations for smooth connection and interaction with your systems, platforms, and applications.


Our appointment scheduling services come with a wide variety of benefits perfect for any size business.


  • Save Administrative Time & Money
  • Ideal for Any Business that Schedules Appointments
  • Set Up Quickly & Easily
  • No Overhead Costs
  • 24/7/365 Service in Any Season or Weather
  • Local Dialects & Accents
  • English, French, or Spanish
  • No Equipment Purchases
  • No Software to Install
  • Save Thousands in Lost Revenue

Appointment Scheduling Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of appointments can you book?
    This system is industry-independent. So whether you are booking for surgery or for car maintenance, AnswerNet’s Appointment Scheduler can handle it.
  • Is there any software to install?
    The system is 100% virtual and accessible online. There is nothing to install.
  • How do I get my report of scheduled appointments?
    Your appointments are available online at your discretion. You can export your appointment schedule to your office management system, to a paper report or simply view it on your computer or smartphone. You can also integrate the schedule with your business or practice management software or CRM.
  • How do I see my appointments?
    You will be provided with a URL and a password that is unique to your program. Simply log in and it’s all there for you.
  • Can I see my appointments on my smartphone?
  • Can I block out times so no appointments get scheduled?
    Yes. Our system allows you to schedule your day any way you want. You can block time whenever you need.
  • Can I make changes to the schedule remotely?
    Yes. The system is 100% web-enabled. You can make changes from any internet-accessible device.
  • Do I need to go through an agent to get my appointments?
    No agent transaction is needed. However, you may want to have an agent available to manage changes for you.
  • Do I need to sign an annual contract?
    No, our service is month-to-month.
  • Do I need to purchase hardware?
    No hardware or software purchase is needed, and you will never be charged for an upgrade.
  • Can I see or test the service before I make a decision?
    Contact us to request a demo. Your sales person will also be happy to demonstrate the service for you.

Appointment Reminder Service Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the Appointment Reminder Service used?
    Some of the most popular uses for AnswerNet’s Appointment Reminder Service are doctor appointment reminders, recall notices, pre-op instructions, bill collections and prescription notices.
  • How does it work?
    A data file is uploaded to our database every day either manually or automatically. Your calls will be made during the time period you specify. We can make up to seven call attempts per time slot, for up to three days. The call dispositions include number of calls, how they were reached, number of appointments confirmed, changed or cancelled. This information will all be available through a web-accessible report. The results of the calls can then be merged with your scheduler, for up-to-the-minute call data.
  • How do I know it will be compatible with my scheduler or office management system?
    The Reminder Service is independent of any platform or office management system. A simple file is uploaded (in one of many acceptable formats) and the database takes care of the rest.
  • Do I need to purchase hardware or software?
    You will never need to purchase hardware, software or have to pay for an upgrade. This is Software as a Service (SaaS).
  • Can you work with my CRM?
    In addition to AnswerNet’s appointment scheduling platform, we are able to accommodate and work within many different CRMs.
  • Do I need to sign an annual contract?
    AnswerNet does not require annual contract. Our clients pay month-to-month. We do ask for 30 days written notice in the event of cancelation.
  • Does the system use a computerized voice?
    The system uses professional voice over talent for that warm, human sound that a computerized voice can never offer.
  • How will the client know it’s my office calling?
    The number displayed on the caller ID is up to you. We can customize the caller ID to show your office or personal line.
  • Can the message be sent in ways other than telephone?
    Yes! Messages can be transmitted via telephone, fax, email, text message or even received using our smartphone application.
  • Are there message reply options?
    The recipient can confirm, change, cancel or speak to an operator depending on the service options that you choose for your application.
  • May I see a demo or test the service before I make a decision?
    Your sales person will be able to set up a demo of the service for you. Contact us for a demonstration.

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