Whistleblower Hotline Services

Support Your Business
with Meaningful Protections

Our commitment is to provide a third-party hotline that guarantees the anonymity of your employees, while ensuring compliance and safeguarding your business.

A Hotline that Provides Peace of Mind

We prioritize trust and confidentiality in our hotline features, giving your employees a secure place to share their concerns.

A Hotline that Provides Peace of Mind

We prioritize trust and confidentiality in our hotline features, giving your employees a secure place to share their concerns.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant

Ensure compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), offering a secure and anonymous reporting platform for public companies and privately held firms.

24/7 Live Agents

Access professional assistance around the clock, every day of the year, ensuring your hotline is always ready when you need it.

Report Portal

Easily access and review your reports through a secure online portal, streamlining the process of reviewing and responding to concerns.

True Anonymity

Provide an anonymous channel for whistleblowers / SOX and callers, fostering trust and encouraging open reporting.


Receive reports exactly as they were provided, ensuring accuracy and preserving the integrity of the original message.

Full Archive

Maintain a comprehensive record of all reports, inquiries, and interactions, providing a thorough archive for reference and compliance purposes.

Our Expertise, Your Advantage.

What are the benefits of whistleblower / SOX hotline services?

At AnswerNet, we believe that ethics hotlines and compliance hotlines serve as an important cornerstone in establishing an enduring company culture.

Address Issues Early

Our hotline empowers callers to address problems at an early stage. This proactive approach prevents small issues from escalating into major crises, reducing workplace stress and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Protect Your Business Assets

Our commitment to SOX compliance guarantees that your company has a robust framework for reporting questionable accounting and auditing practices.

Promote Ethical Behavior

Your dedication to ethical conduct and accountability sets a positive example for employees.

The Hotlines We Offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might ask about our products and services.

A whistleblower service is a confidential reporting system that allows individuals within an organization to report misconduct, unethical behavior, or illegal activities without fear of retaliation.

While not universally mandated, whistleblower hotlines are required in certain industries and jurisdictions as part of compliance with regulatory standards aimed at promoting ethical practices and preventing fraud.

To set up a whistleblower hotline, a business should partner with a specialized service provider, establish clear, anonymous reporting channels, and communicate the process effectively to employees, ensuring that they understand how to use the service and are protected.

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