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Join Thousands of Legal Professionals

Thousands of legal professionals at some of the largest firms in North America have relied on AnswerNet. We can handle all your firm’s calls. Our services range from performing as your virtual receptionist and handling your legal intake calls to making calls to support your class action law suit cases.

Our agents will act as an extension of your team. We will work with you to develop scripting so that calls are handled to your specifications. You can rely on our agents to pick up the phones promptly, accurately take messages and quickly deliver them to the right people.

AnswerNet provides award-winning answering services to the legal industry. We can answer your calls, take vital messages and deliver them to you 24/7/365 providing you with the ideal law firm answering service.

Our call centers can handle your inbound intake calls and make outbound calls for you. Agent scripts are customized to your specifications.

Small, medium and large law firms each have unique needs. AnswerNet understands and customizes its call center services to meet your firm’s requirements.

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Multilingual Support

We pride ourselves on ensuring every customer feels right at home. We employ agents who speak fluently in Spanish, French, and more.

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Scalable Offerings

No business is the same. We offer specialty services scaled to all businesses, from small start-ups to established enterprises.

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Seamless Integration

Our technology supports API integrations for smooth connection and interaction with your systems, platforms, and applications.

Legal Intake Services

Our legal intake services are ideal for firms from the small law office with limited staff to the large corporation receiving hundreds of calls, chats and website form submissions related to their injury and law suit cases. Free up your time and impress current and prospective clients by letting our friendly virtual receptionists answer their calls.

Automated Call Routing

Although we can handle all your calls, auto attendants or prompts can be used to route administrative calls directly to the proper people in your firm and directing just the new, overflow and after-hours inquiries to us. AnswerNet can provide an IVR system to route all your calls.

New Client Intake

Let our intake agents answer your call, email and website inquiries for legal services. We can answer your calls for you and free up your time. Our trained agents will ask the questions you specify to determine if a new caller is qualified or should be referred to other resources.

Overflow / After-Hours

Larger law firms often have in-house intake staff, but can use our services to supplement their coverage during the day by rerouting calls if not answered after a predetermined number of rings. After-hours when your in-house team goes home, you can direct all your advertising lines to us. AnswerNet call centers are staffed 24/7/365.

Legal Marketing Campaigns

AnswerNet has served some of the largest firms in North America. Many law firms run large television, radio, newspaper and online marketing campaigns. AnswerNet has 25+ call centers throughout the United States and Canada to answer your advertising intake calls.

Respond to Web Form Submissions

Large marketing campaigns can generate lots of traffic to your website and hundreds of web form submissions. AnswerNet can call these inquiries for you to further qualify them and collect the additional information you need.

Appointment Setting

Small and large firms can benefit from our appointment setting services. AnswerNet can set and schedule appointments online for your qualified intake inquiries and for your outbound calling campaigns.

Multilingual Support

AnswerNet’s Multilingual Support Services provides fluent, native speakers of Spanish and French and has long-standing relationships with real-time interpreting services that speak, read or write more than 250 languages to support you non-English speaking clients.

CRM Import / Support

Intake reports can be provided in csv format for import to your CRM or our agents can enter data into your online CRM. AnswerNet also offers a hosted CRM solution if needed.

Email and Snail Mail Delivery

AnswerNet can send out a Thank You email after each call and/or snail mail your Welcome Package to callers.


Detailed call and marketing reports are provided customized based on the services you use.

Outbound Call Center Services for Attorney's and Law Firms

Attorneys and their law firms at times need to call hundreds of clients, prospective clients or class action case members for activities such as client feedback or class action law suits. AnswerNet can make these outbound calls for you.

Class Action Law Suit Calling Support

AnswerNet excels at providing outbound call center support for law firms handling class action law suits. Let AnswerNet make the calls for you. All services and agent scripts are customized to your specific needs. Examples of services we perform include:

  • B2C lead generation for class action law suits
  • Finding settlement recipients
  • Class action law suit follow-up calls to get interviews
  • Interviewing class members
  • Contacting consumers opted in to a class action law suit that have paperwork to be returned to help to ensure its prompt return

Client Feedback Telephone Surveys

Every firm needs some form of a client feedback program. Survey methods firms may use include: direct mail, email, online surveys, telephone and person-to-person.

Telephone surveys have the advantage that they can provide not only the quantitative data that you’d get from the other methods, but also qualitative data that those sources cannot provide. AnswerNet can perform the telephone surveys and interviews for you.

Industry Experience

Established in 1998, AnswerNet can trace its roots back to 1929. Thousands of legal professionals at some of the largest firms in North America have relied on AnswerNet call centers.  You can be confident we have the experience and skills to handle calls in your field of law, including:

  • Criminal / Accident / Injury
  • Civil, Divorce and Family Law
  • Insurance Law

Rely On AnswerNet

With 28 call centers throughout the United States and Canada, you can rest assured that AnswerNet’s can answer your calls.

Whether you need an answering service for a small, local practice, or require call center experience and expertise for a class action lawsuit, AnswerNet’s call center services for the legal industry provide the staff, experience and customized options to meet and exceed all your needs.

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