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The ACP Solution Series: Third-Party Verification

In April 2024, 23 million households across the United States will lose the internet coverage afforded to them by the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). As a result, internet carriers en masse battle an unprecedented inflection point that could contribute—or steal—millions of customers.

Thankfully, AnswerNet provides as the #1 ACP solution for you, your business, and the American people. Especially during a whirlwind change, our 25+ years of experience across 30+ contact centers proves that we will secure, support, and stabilize.

Your ACP Solution for Third-Party Verification

The FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rule states that if a business lacks “express verifiable authorization” as it accepts different forms of payment, it can incur severe penalties. Countless businesses meaning no harm have since faced heavy charges only by continuing the same processes they’ve had for decades.

AnswerNet has performed over 115 million third party verifications (TPVs) and will bolster your customer commitments with experience, efficiency, and objectivity. As you work to maximize re-enrollments and net new sales, we will secure your contracts as a dependable ACP solution.

Live, Digital, and IVR

AnswerNet TPV is built on two systems running off of two separate phone networks, which is how we keep our services online without interruption 24/7. Our dedicated teams of live agents guarantee that you’ll cover your contracts with clarity while maintaining your business’ voice with every sale. 

Our experienced agents operate in tandem with automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options that offer simpler experiences for the customer. The system reads out verification questions to which callers respond with a “yes” or “no,” minimizing wait times. 

Additional Features

We offer comprehensive solutions that include interactive two-way video communication, audio recording capabilities at the point-of-sale or entry points, photographic evidence capturing transaction locations and participants, and an innovative multi-language support feature. This feature is designed to broaden your audience by catering to users who primarily speak languages other than English, Spanish, or French, covering a wide spectrum of languages and dialects.

Our dedication to offering a reliable and secure tool to facilitate the sales process and reduce risk is demonstrated through our versatile technological upgrades. These can be customized to align with your sales objectives, regardless of your operating environment.


Data breaches in the US rose by almost 40% in Q2 of 2021, which is why AnswerNet TPV maximizes security by being the only SOC-2 certified third-party provider. Our proprietary FOCUS platform secures your information at all times through robust fraud prevention processes so you’ll never have to worry about a breach.

With AnswerNet as your ACP solution, you can closely monitor your sales agents in real-time to guarantee a safe and secure environment for all parties. Select from a broad range of standard alert notifications configurable by sales channel and threshold to ensure customized accessibility.


Esteemed writer Anton Chekhov said, “You must trust and believe in people or life becomes impossible.” Though AnswerNet has the best TPV certifications in the business, our true strength comes from both our clients’ and customers’ trust. The truth is, tens of millions of Americans will enter this April panicked that their internet providers are trying to take advantage of them. After an AnswerNet TPV, those same Americans will know exactly what they’re signing up for.


To prepare for the massive change to come, we must embrace the massive consistency that’s so far paved the way. AnswerNet will become your TPV solution because we’ve already been the solution for decades of change. If you want to help the American people and boost your business through a TPV service with proven results, reach out here or click the button below to get in contact.