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Explained: Types of Call Center Services

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When most people hear “call center,” they think inbound services. Inbound services are carried out by call center representatives who receive calls and other communications from your customers on behalf of your organization.

In addition to managing incoming calls, texts, and live chat, inbound representatives also handle customer support, technical support, and even appointment scheduling. In this space, you’ll hear phrases like “virtual receptionist,” “help desk services,” and “appointment management.”


Outbound services are carried out by call center representatives who reach out to potential customers in order to gather market data, generate interest, and sell your services. In this space, you’ll hear phrases like “telesales,” “telemarketing” and “lead generation“.


Automated answering services are technology systems that a call center establishes to streamline inbound customer requests and intra-team communications while keeping costs low. Here, you’ll hear phrases like “AI chatbots,” “Follow Me,” and “interactive voice response.”


BPO stands for “Business Process Outsourcing” and involves a blend of call center services executed in conjunction with external consultation, planning, development, tracking, and training. Because of its high level of human interaction, BPO is better suited for more complex tasks like data entry, billing, and human resources management.


TPV stands for “Third Party Verification” and involves the verification of contractual information by an objective call center. TPV provides transparency for customers handling sensitive information and relief for businesses preventing legal issues.


Compliance services adjust your current internal business operations or outsourced vendor campaigns to ensure you adhere to Federal and State regulations. The compliance process involves a call center’s analysis, implementation, and support to help you avoid heavy fines, bad publicity, and negative brand image.


Nonprofit support services attract reach, relationships, and results for nonprofit organizations. These services include connecting donors to your cause, creating fundraising initiatives, and processing donations.

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