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What Can a Medical Answering Service Do? (& Benefits)

medical answering service - image closeup of doctor with stethoscope holding phone

A Medical Answering Service provides HIPAA compliant medical answering and other call center solutions for various types of healthcare providers. Call centers have the technology, expertise, and flexibility to fulfil the specific requirement many medical professionals’ offices require.

Trained and experienced live agents will answer your incoming calls, take messages, dispatch, and deliver your customized messages while using patient-focused communication.

Appointment Scheduling and Patient Reminder Services

Call center agents answer your incoming calls and schedule your patients’ medical appointments using your appointment management system – or one can be provided. You can also utilize a live or automated appointment reminder service for yourself and your patients – which cuts down on “no-show” appointments.

“No-shows” are no joke for medical offices. On average, they cost the country’s health care system over $150 billion per year. That’s a lot of money the average doctor’s office or other healthcare provider could easily save with a medical answering service.

6 Benefits of a Medical Answering Service

Not only does a medical answering service give your practice additional offerings for patients, it also provides important benefits to you and your staff, such as:

1. Cut Overhead Costs

By using a virtual receptionist service as your virtual assistant or remote secretary, specialists handle calls day or night. They direct calls to the correct person or department as well as patch or warm transfer your calls.

Even if your in-house staff is busy or away from the office, virtual assistants assist with your incoming call traffic.

2. Bilingual Services

Many answering services employ native speakers of English, Spanish, and French as part of their full solution. For other languages, they use a translation service that interprets up to 250 different languages using simultaneous translation technology and live native speakers.

Other services are also available such as live ASL video chat, TTY, and IP Relay for the hearing impaired.

3. 24/7/365 Coverage – After Hours Answering Service

Patients need assistance no matter the time of day. As a physician or an office manager, you can’t be there to answer every call that comes in, but every call needs to be addressed. Medical answering services are there to support your patients 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Have comfort knowing that your calls are being answering and emergencies are getting the attention they deserve no matter the time of day.

4. Experience

When looking for Medical Telephone Answering service, seek a provider well-versed in handling medical call center programs for the healthcare industry. You need a call center that understands the immediate needs of patients calling in and requiring answers to a variety of important questions.

Qualified, experienced providers answer questions regarding insurance, billing, appointment scheduling, and other common inquiries.

Call centers should customize a program to meet the needs of each practice. Medical answering, messaging, and dispatch services should be customized to handle any situation in the manner you prescribe. All agents should be trained extensively and thoroughly briefed on your account.

Additionally, all agents and staff should be held accountable to the highest ethical standards and the requirements of HIPAA compliance. When looking for a Answering Service,   seek out the best HIPAA Compliant Medical Answering Services you can find.

5. Improved Patient Satisfaction

One of the most important things in running a practice is keeping your patients happy and satisfied. This is what keeps them coming back. You can improve your customer service by hiring a Live Answering Service.  It will substantially cut down on common issues such as long hold times, improving the patient experience.

6. Increased Employee Efficiency

Every time the phone rings or your staff has to step away, their efficiency suffers. By partnering with a Medical Answering Service, you lessen the chances of this happening.

These services improve the efficiency of your staff, ensuring that you and your team have the time and attention to operate on a far more productive level. Answering service specialists handle the calls while your staff focus on in-office patient needs. Higher efficiency saves you money, ensuring you continue to be a top-notch profitable practice.

Choose a Nationwide, 24/7 Medical Answering Service for Doctors & Hospitals

The difference in the level of expertise, the specialized experience and training medical answering service phone agent go through, and the higher standards and failsafe systems they are required to maintain offers peace of mind to your practice.

Our medical answering service provides the ultimate medical answering service technology, expertise, and flexibility to fulfil the specific requirements of any medical professionals who need rapid, reliable response in their medical answering service.

AnswerNet’s system displays all your call-handling instructions the instant a call comes in, allowing us to be your ideal virtual office assistant.

We have full call center capability to handle medical answering service accounts of all sizes, from individual practices to hospitals.

Let AnswerNet become a seamless extension of your medical team so you can run your practice your way. If you’re ready to learn more about what AnswerNet can do for your firm, contact us today.