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What is a BPO Contact Center?

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When looking for call center services for your business, you may come across some unfamiliar terms at first. A common term you might see on our website and others is “BPO contact center.” 

BPO stands for “Business Process Outsourcing.” BPO contact centers provide many services and assist high volumes of callers over multiple mediums. They are typically scalable for your business and can help upgrade your customer experience.

At first glance, BPO contact centers may seem similar to other call center services you may find. But what sets them apart and how can they be an important asset to your business?

What Services Do BPO Contact Centers Offer?

BPO contact centers offer a variety of services and often scale to fit your business. These options include:

Outbound and Inbound Support

BPOs can provide outbound and inbound call center services. Outbound call center services include lead generation, subscription renewal, follow-ups, and more. Inbound call center services include credit card processing, appointment setting, and general customer support.

There are many options available for your business, and BPO contact centers are prepared to handle a variety of needs your business may have.


Some BPO contact centers have the option for omni-channel support. The term “omni-channel” refers to different mediums of communication. Omni-channel support includes texting, emails, and chat in addition to live calls.

This can be a great resource for reaching out to multiple types of customers who may prefer communication over different mediums.

Dedicated and/or Shared Agents

BPO contact centers can provide dedicated and/or shared agents that best fit your business. 

Dedicated agents are trained specifically to work with your business and are usually charged per hour. Dedicated agents can be more expensive, but work solely for your business. 

Shared agents are cross-trained to support multiple businesses in one shift and are usually charged per phone call or per minute. Although shared agents handle multiple businesses, they are often a cheaper option. BPO companies can work with you to determine which option is best for your needs.


BPO contact centers are prepared to work with a variety of customers. Some accessibility options that a BPO provides include teletype and IP relay services for blind individuals and ASL video chats for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.

Accessible options allow you to reach an even broader range of customers and aids your business in being ADA compliant.

Cloud Services

Some BPOs provide cloud services options to better support your business. These can include billing and call-routing solutions. 

BPO cloud services can also allow you to provide secured access for any remote employees your company has.

24/7 Support

Do you need support after-hours? Does your business have atypical hours? BPO contact centers can provide 24/7 support so your customers’ calls never go unanswered. This can help increase your brand’s reputation and make you a leader in customer service.

What Sets a BPO Contact Center Apart?

BPOs typically serve large businesses and organizations who experience large volumes of calls/requests. These contact centers are equipped to handle large call volumes over a wide variety of mediums. They can also offer multiple services to make sure that your customers are getting high-quality care at all times. 

Is your business growing? No problem! Scalable BPO options are available that will allow your services to grow with your business, so you will never need to worry about your contact center being able to manage your volume.

BPO contact centers will also typically provide and maintain the processes and infrastructure for you. This takes a large amount of maintenance and work off of your shoulders, allowing you to focus more on running your business.

Learn More About Call Center Services and BPO Contact Centers

Now that you’ve discovered more about BPO contact centers, you may be ready to start to look for them for your business. AnswerNet provides BPO options for any business with high-quality service and quick setup. Our scalable and flexible options make our BPO contact centers a great choice for any business.

AnswerNet provides all the options listed in this blog and more! We can also adapt to whatever needs your business has.

Still have questions? Our experts are happy to help compare options and determine what works best for you. For more information about AnswerNet BPO and to request a quote, visit our BPO page.