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How Multilingual Call Center Services Can Increase Your Customer Base

multilingual call center services

Did you know that over ⅕ of all Americans speak a primary language other than English at home? Non-English-speaking customers are a large percentage of the population and as a result, could comprise a large percentage of your potential customer base. 

Having call center services accessible for all your customers is important. Providing multilingual services can make your customers feel included and comfortable and can also greatly increase the number of customers you can reach. 

Is your business considering offering top-quality multilingual services? Read on to see how they can help take your business to the next level.

What is a Multilingual Call Center?

Multilingual call center services provide call center options for customers in a variety of languages. These can include spoken languages, services for people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, and translation services for those whose spoken language isn’t available with an in-house agent. 

Call centers typically provide multilingual services alongside regular call center services. These agents are trained similarly to provide the same level of service for your business and customers as English-speaking call centers

What Types of Multilingual Services are Available?

There are two main types of multilingual call center services: 

Live Agent

In-house live agents are agents staffed by the call center company that answer live phone calls. They are fluent in their respective language(s) and converse with callers in the preferred language. Because in-house agents speak a specific language and are trained for a specific company, they are typically only available in a couple of languages (ex. Spanish and French). 


Interpreters are usually offered via a third-party and translate for the customer and agent on the call. Interpreters are not trained to answer calls or questions for a specific company. Their job is to translate between the caller and agent as the conversation progresses.

What are the Advantages of Multilingual Services?

Choosing to provide multilingual services can open up your business to a range of new customers and provide even more robust customer service. Some advantages of offering multilingual services include:

  • Expanding your customer sales base
  • Increasing your sales capabilities
  • Providing support to non-English speaking callers

Multilingual Call center services also provide the following benefits:

  • Live multilingual agents
  • Month-to-month service agreements
  • Uninterrupted service
  • Toll-free numbers

What are Key Features of Multilingual Services?

Multilingual services offer your business many noteworthy features, including:

24/7 Multilingual Services

Having multilingual services available at all hours of the day ensures that your customers are always able to receive assistance.

In-house Agents

In-house agents are fluent in a language and are trained to answer phone calls. They have live conversations with the caller in their preferred language.

Third-party Interpreter Services

If a caller speaks a language that is not offered by a live agent, the call center will bring in an interpreter to translate between the caller’s language and the agent’s language. These services are often offered by a third-party but provided by the call center.

Time-zone Customization

Are your customers calling from another time-zone? Services can be customized to fit time-zone needs of your business, customers, and agents. This allows you to reach more international customers. 

Language Preferences for Callers

Having the option of choosing to speak with an agent or use a translator in the customer’s preferred language can expand your customer base and increase the amount of business your company can get. 

If the caller speaks a language that an in-house agent speaks, they can speak directly to a live agent. If the caller speaks another language, a translator will join the call to assist.

Customized Scripting

Scripting can be customized to fit language and consumer needs. What an agent may need to say in English may be different than what they need to say in another language. This change in scripting can allow for grammatical and definition changes across languages.

Accessible Options for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers

Multilingual call center services aren’t just limited to spoken languages. In addition to spoken language services, multilingual services are also available to help callers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Teletypewriter (TTY)

TTY, or teletypewriter, provides written translations for callers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. 

IP Relay

IP Relay is a chat box that the end user types into and a representative will speak to the call center agent. The representative will then type what the agent says into the chat box so the end user can read it. 

ASL Video Chat

ASL Video Chat provides an ASL interpreter over video chat who translates for the customer. 

These services help provide assistance to a wider variety of clients and can increase your customer base even more. They also help ensure that your company is ADA compliant, as offering some of these services may even be mandatory in some jurisdictions.

AnswerNet Multilingual Services

Providing multilingual services is crucial to offering top-quality service to your customers. 

AnswerNet provides live agents in a variety translation services for 250 languages. We also provide a variety of accessible options for customers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. 

Our affordable options, flexible setup, and world-class agents make AnswerNet the best option for multilingual call center services. For more information and to request a quote, click here.