How are You Reaching Customers in the Agriculture Industry?

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How are You Reaching Customers in the Agriculture Industry?

tractor in a field - agriculture industry

When marketing to farmers, you must prepare a different approach compared to other industries. In the age of digital marketing, many farmers simply aren’t in the places you hope them to be.

That doesn’t mean you can’t reach them. Your marketing efforts need to align with where farmers are at. Is it time to re-evaluate your strategy?

Tactics to Consider

We’ve discussed ways to market to farmers before, but our list is far from definitive. Consider the following tactics for your strategy:

Understand Your Value

While it may seem redundant, understanding the value or unique differentiators of your product or service is crucial to your strategy. For example:

  • Are you a local supplier?
  • Do you provide a long-lasting supply?
  • Are you fully availability through all seasons?

If your agriculture industry product or service fits these categories, include them in your strategy. Let your audience know why they should choose you over the competition. Additionally, some audiences may not understand specific terms related to your product or service. Use it as an opportunity to not just sell but to educate.

B2B or B2C?

How can you achieve success if you’re not targeting the right audience? Consider what your product or service is and who it most benefits.

Business to business (B2B) marketing targets other business entities that benefit from your product or service. In the agriculture industry, this includes things like restaurants and grocery stores. Perhaps you sell agritech equipment for bulk food storage. The average individual consumer has no need for it, but a restaurant or grocery store certainly does.

In contrast, business to consumer (B2C) marketing targets the individual consumer, just as the name suggests. For example, if your goal is to sell produce directly to consumers by cutting out the middleman (grocery stores), then a subscription service could be your best option. Deliver your goods right to your consumers’ doorsteps. Farmers Markets also fall into the B2C category as your products or services end up right in front of local consumers.

Understanding your target audience is a key component to your marketing strategy.

Utilize Google My Business

Contrary to popular belief, the agriculture industry is evolving, and using tools like Google My Business (GMB) is becoming standard. Considering that it’s a totally free service that will promote your agriculture business online, why not give it a shot?

With GMB, you get to take the reigns on how your business appears online. If you already have a website, GMB can recognize it, giving it a much needed boost in traffic (as long as your site is well-optimized).

When All Else Fails, Ask for Help

Accessing customers in the agriculture industry comes with challenges, especially for small, growing businesses or those new to the industry. Even large entities struggle to connect with their target audience simply because they’re going to the wrong place.

Let AnswerNet Agriculture help. This specialty division of AnswerNet is solely dedicated to providing first-rate contact center services and support to this industry.