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5 Ways to Market to Farmers

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Almost 90% of farms in the United States are small family farms. That’s more than 1.8 million small family-run farms. It makes the idea of marketing to farmers seem daunting and almost impossible. How do you reach millions of small business owners?

Luckily, there are some tactics you can use to reach farmers, help their businesses, and increase your profits.

Farmers are often living in rural areas and are secluded from large cities and other metropolitan areas where it’s easy to market. They also tend to be a close-knit community and use products they know firsthand are dependable. This can make marketing tricky, especially if you’re trying to convert farmers who are loyal to a different brand or method of doing things.

The easiest way to connect to farmers is to reach them directly and have a conversation about your product or service. This allows the farmers to ask questions, see demonstrations, and view results.

Building rapport is incredibly important when it comes to marketing to farmers. In this blog, we offer some tips to make your marketing experience easier and more effective.

Marketing to Farmers in 5 Ways

Marketing to farmers is difficult if you don’t know where to start. The following tips can help you reach your target audience and change the way you market your products:

1. Take Advantage of Farm Shows

Farm shows often attract many farmers looking for new technology, information, and advances in the agriculture industry. But because many farmers live in very rural areas, it can be hard to find opportunities to demonstrate your products to them. 

Tradeshows in this sector provide great opportunities to connect with farmers who may not otherwise get to see your product or talk to your representatives face-to-face. These events draw many farmers from a variety of locations to a central venue where you can directly interact and sell your products. 

Farmers respond well to direct marketing. These events are a solid way to build rapport, have face-to-face conversations, and provide product demonstrations directly to your target audience.

Ads alone may not sway these farmers enough to switch products, brands, or methods, because they have not seen the results firsthand and may be wary to trust only advertisements. In these cases, a conversation directly with the farmer is the best way to market your product or service.

2. Utilize Social Media

Forums, groups, and chats dedicated to farmers/agriculture can be great sources of connections. Farmers often live in very secluded, rural areas, and reaching them can be difficult. Social media is a great way to connect with farmers and market your products. 

Since the farming community is close-knit and often family-run, word of mouth is very important. By marketing in social media circles, other farmers with experience using your products can weigh in and provide reviews and recommendations.

Although social media can often be a way to attract negative reviews and feedback, this can provide you with an opportunity to resolve customer concerns in a public space and allow consumers to see your customer service up close.

Social media can also provide a forum for you to answer questions about your business and product with a wide audience. Farmers from all over will be able to find your business and send inquiries, questions, and feedback. This allows your business to expand to a larger audience and reach more customers.

3. Reach Out to Farmers Over the Phone

Since many agritech products are sold directly to the consumer, word of mouth is extremely important.

The best way to reach the owners of small farms is to have a conversation with them directly to pitch your product and determine how your business can best assist their farm.

Farmers are often loyal to brands they have used for generations. The same applies to the methodology they use to farm. If you are marketing a similar product they are using or a product that changes the way farmers are running their farms, they may be hesitant to change.

Outbound call marketing is a great tool for lead generation as well. Third-party call centers can call out to provided phone numbers and start conversations with farmers, giving you time to focus on in-person marketing events and making your products even better.

4. Try Print Advertising in Niche Areas

Print advertising can be effective in the right medium. Publishing advertisements in publications made for farmers can put your business in front of many farmers. Farm journals and almanacs are a great resource for your business.

Ads that specifically mention your business’ credibility and results can be especially helpful. Positive testimonials and reviews from consumers can also be a great way to provide potential customers with peace of mind.

5. Consider an Appointment Setting Service 

If you’re looking for ways to increase your company’s reach but have little time or personnel to commit to doing so, an appointment setting service can be a great option. These services are offered by third-party providers who provide training, staff, and resources to connect you to warm leads. This helps free up some of your schedule to devote to other areas while also connecting you to more potential customers.

Marketing to Farmers Can Be Difficult; Ask for Help

Marketing to farmers can be tricky, but when done well, the payoff will be great for your business and theirs.

AnswerNet Agriculture is a call center dedicated to the agritech industry. Our agents can provide outbound call center services for your company to target farmers and have conversations with them about how your products can assist them and their businesses. 

For more information and to request a quote, please visit our agriculture page or click the button below.