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5 Ways You Can Use Automated SMS Services for Your Business

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Did you know that 97% of all American adults own a cell phone? That equates to over 200 million people!

Texting is an easy way to get in contact with many people, and when used properly, can be extremely useful for businesses and organizations. Texts are now commonly used for promotions, information, and emergency notifications. These are often set up through a process called automated SMS.

How Do Automated SMS Services Work?

Businesses use Automated SMS Services for both inbound and outbound purposes. Inbound SMS allows a customer to send a message to you (the business). Outbound SMS allows you to send messages to customers who have signed up for your call list.

Users subscribe to these services by filling out online forms or opting in to receive notifications by checking a box on a website. Once the customer agrees to be notified via SMS, the contact center partner can then send messages to these customers about your products and services. Carrier regulations do require that customers opt-in to messaging services, but these opt-ins can occur in business contracts, over email, or even verbally.

When you send out a group message through the automated text message line, all numbers in the group receive the information. Because the phone number capture process from the website is automatic, manual entry of phone numbers is not required. Users opt themselves out if they no longer wish to receive messages by sending an opt out code to the SMS line.

Automated text message services serve a variety of purposes and are flexible enough to fit almost any business or organizational need. Some uses include data collection, retail promotions, announcements, and emergency message relay.

What Kind of Messages Should I Use with Automated SMS?

Most automated text messages are relatively succinct. They’re meant to provide information quickly and in a way that encourages users to act. Messages that are very wordy, complex, or include a lot of pictures may not be best for a text message.

Longer messages often include a brief summary and a link to a website to provide longer and more in-depth information. Their ultimate goal is to get information out in a way that is easy to read and quick to understand.

Sometimes, promotional messages include a graphic with more information about the deal they’re advertising.

5 Ways to Use Automated SMS Services

Are you wondering how Automated SMS Services can be beneficial for your business? Here are some common ways you can use these services:

1. Promotional Messages

Businesses use automated SMS to encourage customers to sign up for promotional texts. You can then send discounts, promos, and other informational messages to customers on your call list.

Sometimes, these messages include a link, code, or graphic providing more information about the special offer.

2. Fundraising

Automated SMS is also well-known for being a fundraising tactic. For example, in cases of large disasters, organizations such as the Red Cross set up SMS lines. When someone sends a text to the line, the organization charges them for a donation.

This option is useful for non-profit organizations, school groups, and other organizations that may rely on fundraising.

3. Emergency Announcements

Schools use automated SMS to relay delays, closings, or emergency details. This is useful in cases of inclement weather, power outages, on-campus emergencies, and other instances where it’s important to get updates out quickly to a large audience.

4. Tracking

Automated SMS is also used for things like order updates and tracking for small businesses and restaurants. Users provide their name and phone number as part of a sign-up or payment process and opt-in to receive messages.

The business then sends updates about shipping or food delivery so clients will be able to estimate when their service is complete. 

You can later use these phone lists to send promotions to past customers to encourage repeat business.

5. Appointment Reminders

Appointment-based services use automated text messages to reach out to customers with appointment reminders to help reduce no-shows. This option is available for all kinds of appointment-based fields, such as doctor’s offices and hair salons.

Automated text messages are also used for appointment confirmations. Offices send a message to the user asking them to reply to confirm their appointment time. Users then text the line to confirm appointments in advance. 

If the appointment is not confirmed, the business schedules another client during that time to prevent gaps in service and loss of money.

Choose Automated SMS Services from an Industry Leader

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