AnswerNet Successfully Migrates all TPV Users to Omni-Channel SaaS Platform

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AnswerNet Successfully Migrates all TPV Users to Omni-Channel SaaS Platform

Third-Party Verification Focus Platform

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Contact: Hollie Maxymillian
Director of Marketing

AnswerNet announces the successful migration of all New and Existing Third-Party Verification Users to the FOCUS™ Secure SaaS, Omni-Channel Platform

AnswerNet’s Acquisition of the Top 4 TPV Providers Fueled the Platform’s Evolution

Willow Grove, PA, March 17, 2023: AnswerNet is proud to announce the successful completion of its migration moving hundreds of clients to the FOCUS™ platform. This SaaS-enabled application provides a secure, SOC 2-compliant and fully integrated omni-channel service enabling the fastest implementation and change management TPV provider in the industry.

AnswerNet acquired four TPV companies: TPV.com (formerly known as Data Exchange), TrustedTPV, Calibrus, and VoiceLog, each of which provided service to clients on varying platforms. FOCUS™ allows exclusive unification of the Energy, Telecom, and Healthcare industries into one seamless and efficient interface.

From old to new, this experience was much harder than anyone anticipated; it took the hard work and dedication of the AnswerNet team to complete the migration. With an eye on innovation and customer experience, AnswerNet is now poised to take the entire TPV experience into the future.

“Most TPV companies were small and got challenged during Covid. By bringing these companies together, we are able to take a traditional industry to the current state of technology and to be there to support our consumer facing clients now and into the future. In fact, we’re confident that our new FOCUS™ platform will be a game-changer,” said Gary Pudles, CEO of AnswerNet.

The AnswerNet TPV FOCUS™ platform is developed to provide flexibility while assisting sales teams and managers, improve enrollment quality and enhance the customer experience.

Other features and benefits include:

  • Secure AWS cloud-based platform
  • Fraud prevention via alert notifications
  • Highly detailed customer data
  • Customer experience surveys
  • Real-time, custom reports
  • Data visualization & redundancy programs
  • Disruption prevention
  • GPS capabilities
  • Omni-channel solutions

With more than 115 million verifications, AnswerNet is now the largest provider of third-party verification services in North America.

For more information, visit answernet.com/tpv.

About AnswerNet
Headquartered in Willow Grove, PA, AnswerNet is a full-service provider of inbound, outbound, automated, and BPO call center services. Founded in 1998, the company has over 30 sites with 2,000 full-time employees across the U.S. and Canada. Specialty divisions include Third-Party Verification, Energy, Agriculture, Nonprofit, Education, and Appointment Setting.