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The Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist for Any Business

Virtual Receptionist Service woman on phone

Regardless of industry, your incoming call volume can be overwhelming. Virtual receptionists are there to take calls day or night. They answer all calls quickly, professionally, and without interruption. Is this the flexible, cost-effective way of managing your office communications you’ve been looking for?

How Does a Virtual Receptionist Help?

Hiring just one full-time receptionist can cost over $3,100 per month in salary and benefits. They aren’t even available around the clock. If you’re looking for an alternative, a virtual receptionist service may be the answer.

A virtual receptionist is specially trained to provide seamless service to your customers. They become an extension of your company and encompass your core values.

4 Benefits of Virtual Receptionists

It doesn’t matter if you are a family-owned small business or a Fortune 500 company; virtual receptionist services can be beneficial to your organization. They provide a wide range of benefits, including:

Saving Money and Improving the Bottom Line

Rather than hire a full-time employee, consider a virtual receptionist service for a fraction of the cost. Missing a new business call negatively affects the bottom line. Having professional agents who understand the services and provide and offer exceptional customer service answering calls improves your brand experience and increases your bottom line.

A virtual receptionist vets lead’s so your team doesn’t waste valuable time. They discover new opportunities and provide insight into what callers are looking for. Use the data garnered by the virtual receptionist to optimize your programs and further your growth.

24/7/365 Service

Never again worry about employee breaks, vacations, or sick days. A virtual receptionist is available to answer calls during regular business hours, after-hours, and weekends. 

Your job is to keep both your current clients and potential clients. Answering calls, responding to questions, or scheduling appointments are most likely cutting into your work time and your family time.

With a virtual receptionist, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You can focus on what’s most important to you while someone else answers your calls, offers customer support, helps with appointment setting (with access to your calendar), and provides information as needed.

They are an extension of you and your company. You won’t have to be at your desk or on a cell phone anymore, making sure you don’t miss any calls. While you’re out of the office, on-site, or meeting with clients, they make sure to keep you posted with important messages throughout the day.

Customer Service Continuity

You may have the best receptionist, but no matter how loyal or reliable that person is – things come up. When your receptionist is off the clock, away from their office, or the call volume is too much for them to handle, they can’t always take every call.

With a virtual receptionist, you don’t have to worry. Providers exist to make sure friendly, trained professionals are available to provide your clients the quality of service they’re used to from your staff.

You or your receptionist can even take a vacation or enjoy a holiday without worrying about missing calls and opportunities.

Reinforcing Your Image

When you answer calls with exceptional customer service, you improve your brand experience.

A client’s impression of you begins as soon as they pick up their phone to call. They expect that calls are promptly and efficiently answered by customer service professionals. You would accept nothing less from your in-house team, so you should accept nothing less from your call center team.

Your clients will never have any knowledge that they’re talking to a virtual receptionist. All receptionists answer calls as members of your team, embodying the morals and values of your company.

Virtual receptionists build your customer relationships and experiences. They know the terminology of your industry and know the right questions to ask. That means when you sign up for this service, make sure call recordings and all documentation are available for providers to study.

Make AnswerNet Your New Virtual Receptionist

AnswerNet’s virtual receptionists will always uphold your reputation with their professionalism and call intake experience.

A virtual receptionist generates additional leads, improves customer service, and helps define a better business strategy by collecting information and trends from the calls they receive.

You’ve most likely spoken to a virtual receptionist and didn’t even know it. With the world becoming more virtual every day, why pay the overhead cost of an in-house receptionist that is only available 8 hours a day? Have your calls answered 24/7 and your messages delivered to you several times a day. Invest in more flexibility that improves and expands your business.

Keep in touch anywhere, anytime with virtual receptionist services; learn more about our virtual receptionist services today. If you are interested in other services AnswerNet has to offer, like call intake, appointment scheduling, or any other support services – or for a fast price quote – please feel free to contact us.