Your Top Benefits of Outsourcing Help Desk and IT Support

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Your Top Benefits of Outsourcing Help Desk and IT Support

Benefits of Outsourcing IT and Help Desk Services

No matter what type of business you run, your customers should always be your top priority. So, when they are experiencing issues with your product, service, or program, you need to make sure you have help available at their fingertips. Whether they need basic support or high-level support, you should have the support tiers necessary to address and resolve their concerns.

Many times, a company keeps their helpdesk services internal when the scope and volume of their service requests are relatively small. However, as business grows, so does the need for technical support. The need can often outpace the business’s overall growth and, therefore, the resources available to provide good customer support. How can your company avoid having service and support failures derailing your growth?

Outsource Tech Support

AnswerNet’s helpdesk and tech support services give your company the time and resources you need to make a positive impact on your customers’ experiences. Using our years of experience providing IT help desk support, we have developed a list of the benefits of outsourcing IT help desk services. However, before delving into the benefits, it’s important to understand different IT and help desk service levels.

Levels of Help Desk Services

  • Tier 1 Help Desk Services address lower-level technical issues that can be resolved within 15 minutes and can be quickly dealt with in a phone call or text chat. 
  • Tier 2 Help Desk Services help resolve issues that need more technical expertise and extensive knowledge regarding the systems in place. Essentially, you need a highly skilled company that is experienced at resolving more complex issues in less turnaround time. If it can’t be resolved under Tier 2 Services, the issue is escalated to the next level. 
  • Tier 3 Help Desk Services involve dedicated agents using scripts and trouble-shooting guides to provide first call resolution. Agents will escalate needs beyond their scope or abilities to an IT generalist or to the client’s in-house support team/engineers.
  • L1 Tech Support is where the big dogs are called in. When the Tier 3 Help Desk cannot fix an issue, product creators, chief architects, or engineers are brought in. Here, they may duplicate the issue to look for a solution. This helps the Tech Support agents find the root cause and document it for future references for Tier 1 or Tier 2 level support. 
  • L2 Tech Support provides agents who can troubleshoot hardware and operating system-related issues. These architects and engineers support end-user applications and can help troubleshoot complex network connectivity issues. These agents work directly with your customers’ points-of-contact to resolve issues.

Outsourcing Benefits of Help Desk and IT Support

There are so many benefits your company will experience when you outsource your help desk and IT support. Take a closer look at the value outsourcing these services will bring to your business.

1. Minimize downtime

When you run a company where you cannot afford downtime due to IT concerns, outsourcing IT help desk services helps prevent downtime. Basically, it prevents any losses that could be incurred.  

2. Enhance user experience

Outsourced IT help desk services allow you to have a team ready to care for any issues your employees or clients might have. The quality of your employees’ work and the client satisfaction you get dramatically increase with top-notch IT and help desk support.

3. Improve engagement

Outsourcing your IT help desk solutions provides your customers with consistent quality service. Because of this, your overall engagement rate, approval rating, and business increase. 

4. Increase efficiency

When your employees’ work is not interrupted by long-term technical issues and is resolved in almost no time with dedicated IT help desk support, the overall performance of your company increases. In addition, you get to manage your core business processes and proactively take steps that help you grow.

5. Scaling your business

When scaling your business, you need not spend extravagantly on maintaining your team. Outsourcing IT help desk services can help you successfully undertake the expansion.

6. Cost reduction and savings

You reduce your admin costs by outsourcing your IT help desk services instead of hiring an in-house team to resolve your IT concerns. You also increase your cost savings due to the prevention of downtime and high-performance rate, to name a few reasons.

7. Minimize response time

With outsourced IT help desk services, you can decrease your response time while providing IT support for your clients and increase positive reviews and higher customer satisfaction.

8. Get around-the-clock support

If you are struggling to find staff to cover national or international holidays or after-hours, then outsourcing your help desk needs can help. Qualified agents are available 24/7/365 so your business is running and your customers are happy. 

9. Stay prepared

If you are releasing an upgrade or new product, you need to be prepared. Outsourcing IT help desk services on-demand helps you to be prepared for all questions, comments, and concerns your customers may have.

Don’t Wait! Your Benefits Are Closer Than You Think

Save yourself time and money. Save your customers stress and frustration. Enhance your customer experience. Improve your business rankings and profits. Reap the benefits of outsourcing your IT and help desk services. Contact AnswerNet today!