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ASL Customer Service for the Deaf Community

AnswerNet and Connect Direct have partnered to bring the deaf community to the forefront of today’s customer service solutions. Companies can now allow customer service representatives to connect immediately through video chat.


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American Sign Language Customer Service for the Deaf Community

Deaf-Friendly ASL Customer Service

AnswerNet can provide instant video chat services with deaf or hard of hearing call center agents who can speak to consumers through American Sign Language (ASL). Our highly trained agents are efficient and provide clear and direct communications with deaf customers, connecting immediately on their phone through video chat.


Partnering with Connect Direct

Engineered by Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD), Connect Direct partners with AnswerNet to provide best-in-class ASL call center programs. We can provide full-service customer care solutions, helping your organization be more in touch with the deaf community. And with over 1 million deaf United State citizens, you will be able to tap an underserviced market.


Customer Service Pains for the Hard of Hearing

Imagine this: You are out to dinner with friends and your credit card is rejected. Many of us can just call the toll-free number on the back of the card and connect almost instantly with a customer service representative. However, the deaf individual often must jump through hoops to use communication channels that are not efficient.


AnswerNet can now solve this problem with instant video chat services, optimized for the deaf community. We employ agents who can fluently sign American Sign Language. Along with our TTY and IP Relay call center solutions, we can also respond to customers via TTY, IP relay, SMS, email, and social media.


Key Benefits

  • Open Communication Channels with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Customers
  • Expanded Customer Service Solutions to Niche Market
  • Compatible with Any Smart Phone or Web-enabled Device


Key Features

  • Dynamic, Real‐Time Video Chat
  • Agents are Adept with American Sign Language
  • Available 24/7/365


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