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When you think of Call Centres, think of AnswerNet Call Centre Services.

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Canadian-Based Answering Service & Contact Centre

AnswerNet Canada offers a huge selection of Call Centre Services, which can enhance your Telephone Answering Service, replace or supplement your in-house staff, or outsource many business tasks completely, saving you time and money.

Imagine, you can take and process orders, take payments, do billing, make appointments, have a 24-hour receptionist, send text messages, manage email and postal mail, accept packages, and manage a complex schedule without having to hire any additional staff.

AnswerNet Canada agents are experienced and trained to handle the needs of any office.

Coupled with customized instruction and training about your business, your use of a Call Centre for some or all of your administration is completely seamless to your customers.

You pay only for the time you use – saving money, and making the most efficient use of your precious office time and staff.

When you think of Call Centres and Answering Services, think of AnswerNet Canada.

Operators are standing by!

Toronto Call Center

AnswerNet Toronto employs bilingual (French/English, Spanish/English) agents who are experts at providing Customer Care and Help Desk services through voice and email.

The center boasts an exceptional breadth of offerings, which also include Virtual Receptionist services, 24/7 Language Translation Support, Customer Service and Support, Dispatch, Live Chat, Tier 1 Support and Direct Response capabilities.

AnswerNet Toronto also provides outbound services, including B2B and B2C telemarketing and lead generation.

Winnipeg Call Center

AnswerNet Winnipeg offers bilingual agents (French/English) that are experts at providing Order Entry, Customer Care and Help Desk services using voice, TTY, IP relay, email and live chat.

Our Winnipeg call center is experienced with connecting callers to client staff members in multiple offices through its Virtual Receptionist Services and handling customer inquiries, and purchases through its Direct Response capabilities.

AnswerNet Canada Answering Services

Answering Services

Call Centre Services

Exceptional Answering Services Across Canada 24/7/365

AnswerNet Canada’s award-winning Answering Services are known for flexibility in customizing products and services to fit your business’s needs. It is designed to make sure your calls are taken care of. Our centres stand ready to make sure you never miss a call.

AnswerNet Canada is not only a Telephone Answering Service, but it also provides many business outsourcing products and services that help your company run more efficiently.

With AnswerNet Canada’s exceptional call centre agents on hand 24/7/365, you can count on us for all your Answering Service needs. Whether your needs are after-hours answering, call overflow, holidays or weekend coverage, or you even need us to cover your normal business hours, AnswerNet Canada will get the job done quickly, and get it done right.

Answering Services for Any Business

AnswerNet Canada’s answering services are used by a wide variety of businesses, including:

  • Attorneys
  • Physicians and other medical professionals
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Hospitality Companies
  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Small businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Large, worldwide corporations

Call Centre Services

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Some Examples of Call Centre Services Include:

  • Telephone answering
  • Remote receptionist / virtual receptionist
  • Customer care services
  • Order entry / order processing / order fulfilment
  • Data entry outsourcing (You can outsource data entry to us and save on staffing costs.)
  • Help desk services ( IT, product support, etc…)
  • Email management/email answering
  • Telesales/telemarketing/setting sales appointments
  • Banking customer care and sales
  • Insurance sales & customer support
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • And anything else that can be done by phone, internet or email…

Omni-Channel Call Centre Solutions

With our call centre services, you can outsource to us virtually anything that can be done by phone, fax, or email from answering services, inside sales, order entry/order processing, telesales, telemarketing, help desk services to data entry services.

We work with you to design a call centre program that precisely fits your needs. You work closely with us to create scripting to help accomplish our goal of sounding like we are sitting in your office.

AnswerNet Canada call centres provide quick and consistent feedback to our agents to support our superior performance. We maintain an industry-leading 8:1 agent/supervisor ratio, and offer call recordings and reports through a client portal. Our agents go through a rigorous hiring and training process to ensure that all calls are answered promptly, professionally and with our commitment quality customer service. The varying locations we have and the flexible nature of our centres provide us with the unique ability to precisely match agents to call volume and client business needs. We offer several contact centre environment options choose the contact center agent option that best fits your requirements.

Choose the contact center agent option that best fits your requirements.

Our mission statement:

AnswerNet Canada’s mission is to provide our customers with the people, services, and technology to allow them to run their businesses, their way.

Telesales Services and Telemarketing Programs

Telesales Services for Any Telephone-based Sales Program

Telemarketing is a service that generates interest, creates opportunities, provides information, gathers customer feedback, makes appointments and produces leads by telephone.

Telesales is a service that sells your products or services directly to the customer by telephone. Telesales (sometimes referred to as “Inside Sales”) continues the marketing and sales process by working to convert the leads generated by telemarketing into closed sales and can include cross-selling and upselling additional services.

AnswerNet Canada telesales and telemarketing services are ideal for any telephone-based sales program. This can range from highly complex technical product sales to one-call close consumer product sales, to lead generation programs and appointment setting for your Outside Sales staff to close. The choice is yours.

AnswerNet Canada’s experience in telemarketing and telesales is vast in range and experience. Whether selling highly complex software or technology products or season tickets to your favorite sport, or the latest “as seen on TV” consumer trend – AnswerNet telesales and telemarketing are there. AnswerNet telesales representatives can be an addition to or replace entirely an in-house sales team.

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Telesales and Telemarketing — First Steps of the Sales Process

AnswerNet’s experience in telemarketing and telesales is vast in range and experience. Whether selling highly complex software or technology products or season tickets to your favorite sport, or the latest “as seen on TV” consumer trend – AnswerNet telesales and telemarketing are there. AnswerNet representatives can be an addition to or replace entirely an in-house sales team.


Market Research Services

AnswerNet Canada also provides market research services to help you and your clients collect critical consumer data. This allows you to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty, create brand awareness, and gauge purchasing patterns. The results from Market Research Services can be helpful in designing new Telemarketing and Telesales campaigns.

Features & Benefits


  • Uninterrupted Service
  • Cost-effective
  • Increases Staffing Efficiency
  • Seamless Integration with a Variety of Call Centre Services
  • Customized Service to Meet Your Needs
  • Local Agents with National Level Technology and Support
  • Secure Data Backup and Storage
  • PCI-DSS Compliant


  • 24 Hour Live Agent Answering
  • Customized Message Templates
  • Multiple Delivery Options
  • Bilingual Agents
  • In-house Fulfillment Options
  • Toll-free Phone Numbers Available

Get Started with Call Centre Services Local to You

AnswerNet Canada has Call Centres in Winnipeg and Toronto, serving both Eastern and Western Canada. Your phone calls can be transferred to a call centre located nearest to you.

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