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Working in a Call Center

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The job of working in a call center as a call center agent does have its challenges, no one can dispute that fact. However, with the right demeanor, focus, attitude, and goals, being a call center agent is a very rewarding and quite fulfilling career.

The more one hones their skills and abilities when working in this field, the more valuable you become over time to the companies that make all aspects of phone services their business. It takes a special type of personality to be able to work in a call center taking and making calls for different companies on a daily basis. 

What Qualities are Valued in a Call Center?

Call center agents are always in demand. Taking a quick look at any job posting will show the primary attributes recruiters look for include:

  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • Active listening skills
  • Empathy
  • Excellent typing skills
  • Ability to navigate multiple IT systems at once
  • Ability to retain important information
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction

It requires the right kind of person to take and make calls for different companies on a daily basis. An agent needs to be able to muti-task, responding to various requests while being on the phone at the same time. If you have the right skills and mindset, the company you work for will see you as an asset and will make sure you feel valued, doing everything they can to keep you happy. Employee satisfaction and retention are main priorities of all call center companies. 

Why Do Companies Value Employee Retention?

Retention is obviously important, whether you’re working in a call center or any other industry. Keeping employees ensures that the business can sustain itself. But, more specifically, companies value employee retention because:

  • It cuts down on training costs
  • Agents can increase skills sets over time
  • A tenured agent can answer calls for multiple clients requiring different skill levels
  • The desire of “one call resolution” is more easily attained
  • Efficiency becomes a standard with tenured agents
  • Depth of knowledge and ability to problem solve independently increases
  • A long-term agent becomes a great mentor for new employees

Some people consider working in a call center a difficulty because of the unpredictable nature of dealing with customers. However, a well-run call center that prioritizes good customer service, employee retention and support, and an atmosphere of teamwork, can be a pleasant place to work, with good camaraderie between peers and management.  Life is better when one enjoys their profession.

Call center agents have several duties. According to HubSpot, customer service agents are both brand representatives and tenacious problem solvers. HubSpot’s Neha Saboo describes the position of a customer service advisor in detail, noting that most call center agents will actually deal with more than just telephone calls, so they need the skills to offer a good omnichannel experience.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that employment of customer service agents is likely to remain relatively stable between 2020 and 2030. There are expected to be around 361,700 job openings per year.

According to the Bureau’s site, the average salary earned by customer service agents is $17.75 per hour, or $36,920 per year. This is lower than the national median across all arenas. However, call center positions are usually open to those with only a high school diploma or equivalent, while many other careers require a greater level of education for which you may end up in debt. 

Over time, as you become a tenured employee, your income will increase based on your skill set development, performance and dedication. Also, there is often potential for advancement and promotion if you are good at managing people. 

Another benefit to consider is that now, many telephone service companies offer remote, work from home positions and flexible hours. Many of them have clients that need coverage 24/7/365. Therefore, you may be able to choose the schedule that best suits your needs as well as those of your household.  Also, while many positions require time and expenses to get ready each morning and travel to an office, those requirements don’t exist with a remote position. You will be able to maximize your time and your income. 

The core of AnswerNet’s agent education and delivery of service is surrounded by our ability to demonstrate professional telephone etiquette during every client interaction with the ultimate goal of one call resolution. This is a direct reflection of our mission and philosophy and is at the very core of it

The Skills You Need to Succeed Working in a Call Center

The most important aspect of working in a call center and being a call center agent, is the fact that customer service skills are required in every arena and employment opportunity in existence. These skills are required everywhere and if you are able to master them, your success will be immeasurable. If you don’t know how to handle people, you won’t be able to succeed in any career.   

So, whether you choose this occupation as a steppingstone for a few years or make it your life long vocation, you will develop invaluable and necessary skills that will be utilized for a lifetime. 

If interested in knowing more about this exciting and fulfilling career, AnswerNet is the place to begin your journey.  Please join us here and apply for a position today. We need you!