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Why Brokers, Consultants, & Industry Pros Partner with AnswerNet

If you’ve been involved in the contact center industry for any number of years, you’ve likely seen your fair share of massive shifts—challenges that demanded innovative solutions or opportunities that spurred significant growth. Today, we find ourselves at another crossroads, faced with a confluence of factors that are reshaping our industry. Technological innovations that integrate AI are altering the nature of our work and enhancing the value we offer our clients. Meanwhile, increasing regulatory demands, heightened security requirements to counter rising cyber threats, and a growing consumer preference for diverse interaction channels with brands, all combine to set the stage for substantial change. In this dynamic landscape, forming the right business partnerships is more crucial than ever. These collaborations can be the difference between gaining an edge and falling behind.

At the AnswerNet Partner Channel, my team and I are ready to work alongside you, bringing a foundation of reliability and expertise to every project we tackle. We’re not just industry experts; we’re creative thinkers and problem-solvers who thrive across industry sectors. For those of you aiming to stand out in 2024 and beyond, partnering with AnswerNet means you’re not just keeping up with client needs—you’re setting the pace. We approach every partnership with a focus on exploring solutions that put our clients first and fostering a spirit of teamwork.

Question: Need to find Dutch-speaking agents at a nearshore price point? We’ve got you. Need to automate complex payment processes leveraging AI voice bots? No problem. Third-party compliance evaluations? Just say when. Need to scale up 500 agents within the week? Boom! There you go…

Here at AnswerNet, we take pride in our role as a trusted partner to brokers, consultants, and call center professionals. If you’re on the lookout for a robust partnership that can elevate your service offerings, here’s why you should consider joining forces with us.

Bridging Gaps with Comprehensive Services

Our partnership models are as diverse as the industries we serve. We categorize our partnerships into three primary groups:

1. Call Center Peers

For other call centers that need to scale up rapidly or require specific regional delivery capabilities, AnswerNet acts as a powerful ally. We can step in when you need that extra bandwidth, whether it’s for a temporary project or a long-term arrangement.

2. Brokers

Our broker partners appreciate our meticulous attention to detail and our relentless pursuit of the perfect match. We provide highly specialized services that cater directly to the unique needs of large organizations, including government entities and substantial corporate clients.

3. Consultants

For consultants who dive deep into business structures to advise on procedural and technological upgrades, AnswerNet offers a wealth of experience in change management and operational enhancements. We also work with SaaS vendors who recognize the need for our services in conjunction with their technology deployments.

A Commitment to Innovation and Expertise

What makes AnswerNet stand out isn’t only our wide range of services, but also our dedication to constant growth and innovation. We continuously invest in training our teams to manage specialized roles that need specific certifications and expertise, such as licensed insurance sales or NMLS-certified loan processing. Moreover, our helpdesk programs are staffed by actual Level 1 and Level 2 technicians who excel in customer experience-focused support, not just the technical aspects of their jobs. Recently, one of our affiliated companies achieved certification as a Woman-Owned Small Business, expanding our reach and capabilities within the diverse supplier category.

How to Become an AnswerNet Partner


1. Schedule a Call

Start by scheduling a call with me and the Partner Channel leadership team. You can reach out to us by emailing partnersales@answernet.com or calling 800-411-5777. This initial conversation will help us understand your needs and how we can effectively work together.

2. Sign a Partner Agreement

Once we’ve touched base and you’re ready to move forward, the next step is to sign a partner agreement. This agreement will detail our referral commission fees, payment terms, and our mutual commitment to the partnership, ensuring transparency and alignment from the start.

3. Start Collaborating

Begin integrating us into the deals you’re working on and the relationships you’re developing. You can contact us using the same email or phone number to send a lead through or to discuss the details of an opportunity before making a client introduction. This step is crucial as it sets the foundation for our collaborative efforts and future successes together.

If you’re wanting to enhance your offerings and exceed your clients’ expectations, we hope you’ll schedule a call with the team. We’re here to support you, complement your capabilities, and help you deliver exceptional value to your clients. Our partnership mantra, “Don’t say no, say AnswerNet,” underscores our dedication to turning potential challenges into successful outcomes.

Let’s discuss how we can work together to create tailored solutions that resonate with your business goals and client needs. Reach out to us at partnersales@answernet.com or call 800-411-5777. We are excited to explore potential synergies and embark on a journey of mutual growth and success.