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TouchPoint Consulting

What is TouchPoint?

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Many of our clients have little-to-no outsourcing experience and need our expert guidance on the important steps needed to getting their campaigns up and running.

That’s why AnswerNet created TouchPoint Consultant Services. Our Campaign Architects will expertly guide you through the essentials such as scripting, call guides, obtaining a SAN number, explaining the DNC data analysis and more. They’ll even confirm for you what a successful campaign looks like!

But no campaign is exactly the same. That’s why our Architects will create a blueprint tailored just for your specific program and needs.  

Why You Need TouchPoint

  • Campaign Architects have years of experience in outsourcing across multiple industries
  • They offer guidance with call scripting/call guides
  • Help you obtain SAN number
  • Consultants have full a understanding of the national and state DNC
    rules and regulations
  • Guidance with list hygiene
  • Data analysis of leads for who and when to call first
  • Detailed report analysis (i.e. time-of-day calling, script changes, messages, etc.)
  • Scripting for success (the do’s and don’ts of how to script an
    outbound campaign)
  • Help with preventing “rookie” mistakes of first-time campaigns
  • Guidance with creating a “good hook” and/or pitch
  • Assistance with FAQ creation
  • Help with crafting your rebuttals
  • Prevents wasted hours of calling with no ROI 
  • Increased success with a professional at your disposal!

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