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Empower your response strategy with precision-driven tracing, guided by seasoned experts, for effective disease containment.

Respond Faster with Comprehensive Contact Tracing

Leverage AnswerNet’s expertise with cutting-edge capabilities to efficiently and effectively combat the spread of dangerous diseases

Respond Faster with Comprehensive Contact Tracing

Leverage AnswerNet’s expertise with cutting-edge capabilities to efficiently and effectively combat the spread of dangerous diseases

Call Scripting

We improve interactions with each individual by ensuring consistent, accurate and effective communication, and clearly conveying important information.

Data Capture & Tracking

Our system captures and tracks critical data in real-time, ensuring all information is recorded, monitored, and accessible, streamlining the tracing process.

Integrated Reporting

Recognized for our significant contribution to the NY State Department of Health’s Covid-19 Testing Initiative, our agents use strong questioning skills, assertive dialogue, and an emphasis on ethical standards and privacy.

CDC Guideline Adherence

Provide an anonymous channel for whistleblowers and callers, fostering trust and encouraging open reporting.

Fast Ramp Up

Time is of the essence. Our fast ramp-up capabilities mean we're always ready to spring into action, providing immediate, impactful support in days—not weeks.

Flexible Scalability

No matter your needs, AnswerNet's resources allow you to scale or streamline your operations in real time, constantly adapting to the requirements of the

Partner with Industry Leaders

Prioritizing CDC guidelines, trust-building, and attentive communication, we ensure every potential contact is meticulously identified and informed.

Increase Your Scope

Expand with AnswerNet’s comprehensive contact tracing system. With our emphasis on CDC guidelines, rapport-building, and active listening, we capture contacts with precision, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Take An Educated Approach

Benefit from a team that’s always updated. Our commitment to a deep knowledge base, including continuous training from sources like the “Covid-19 Contact Tracing” course by Johns Hopkins University, ensures an educated and informed approach at every step.

Lean On Trusted Experts

AnswerNet manages over 100 million interactions annually for a diverse clientele of 10,000+. Our commitment to customization makes sure each client feels taken care of, and our unmatched ability to align agents with call volumes ensures efficient, unwavering service—even in the face of disasters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you might ask about our products and services.

Contact tracing solutions typically adhere to CDC guidelines and employ trained professionals who use validated methods to track and manage cases. This approach helps ensure that the identification and management of contact cases are both accurate and efficient, minimizing the spread of infectious diseases and supporting business continuity.

Yes, modern contact tracing services are equipped to integrate seamlessly with existing public health and business systems. They often include API support that facilitates smooth data exchanges and system interoperability, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of contact tracing efforts.

Contact tracing services prioritize confidentiality and compliance by adhering to strict data protection protocols and health privacy laws, such as HIPAA. These protocols are rigorously applied to protect personal information, ensuring that all contact tracing activities maintain high levels of integrity and confidentiality.

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