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Navigating Georgia’s SB 73 Telemarketing Law Changes Effective July 1, 2024

Recently, Georgia introduced Senate Bill 73 (SB 73), ushering in a new era of telemarketing regulations aimed at enhancing consumer protection and curbing deceptive practices. At AnswerNet’s Compliance Consulting Division, we understand the complexities of regulatory compliance, including regulatory concerns around TCPA, DNC, PEWC, 10DLC, and beyond. This text summarizes key provisions of Georgia’s revised telemarketing law, explores its implications for businesses that rely on telemarketing for business growth, and provides actionable strategies for ensuring compliance excellence. And before we get into it, this is just one example of how State TCPA law is among the largest hidden threats for businesses today. If you sell to consumers and aren’t dedicating time and effort to State regulations each and every month, there are critical habits you’ll need to adopt to keep ahead of these challenges so you can focus your energy on selling!

Understanding Senate Bill 73:

Enacted on May 6, 2024, SB 73 represents a significant overhaul of Georgia’s telemarketing laws, slated to take effect on July 1, 2024. This landmark legislation aims to fortify consumer safeguards and instill greater accountability within the telemarketing industry. Among its provisions are stringent requirements for telemarketers, including enhanced disclosure obligations, prohibitions on deceptive practices, and potential registration or licensing mandates. For businesses operating in Georgia, compliance with SB 73 is not just a legal imperative—it’s a fundamental aspect of maintaining trust and credibility with consumers. Click this link to check out the signed Senate Bill in its entirety: https://gov.georgia.gov/document/2024-signed-legislation/sb-73/download

Key Provisions and Implications:

Central to SB 73 are provisions designed to protect consumers from deceptive or unwanted telemarketing practices. Telemarketers will be required to provide clear and conspicuous disclosures regarding the purpose of their calls, the identity of the caller, and the goods or services being offered. Moreover, SB 73 prohibits certain deceptive practices, such as misrepresenting the purpose of the call or using automated dialing systems without consent. Failure to comply with these requirements could result in severe penalties, including fines and legal sanctions, underscoring the importance of robust compliance measures.

Navigating Compliance Challenges:

In the face of evolving regulatory landscapes, businesses must proactively adapt to ensure compliance and mitigate risks. At AnswerNet’s Compliance Consulting Division, we offer a suite of tailored solutions to help businesses navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance. Our team of experts provides comprehensive audits, compliance assessments, policy development, training programs, and ongoing support to ensure your business remains compliant with Georgia’s revised telemarketing law and other relevant regulations. By partnering with AnswerNet, businesses can proactively address compliance challenges and safeguard their reputation and bottom line.

Strategies for Compliance Success:

Achieving compliance with Georgia’s revised telemarketing law requires a multifaceted approach and a steadfast commitment to ethical business practices. Businesses should prioritize transparency, accuracy, and consumer consent in their telemarketing activities, while also implementing robust compliance procedures and monitoring mechanisms. Regular training and education for staff members are essential to ensure adherence to the latest regulatory requirements. Additionally, leveraging advanced technologies and compliance management platforms can streamline compliance processes and enhance efficiency.

Here to Help:

By partnering with AnswerNet, businesses can access expert guidance, comprehensive solutions, and ongoing support to navigate compliance challenges successfully. Contact us today to learn how we can help your business achieve compliance excellence and maintain trust and credibility in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

If this new law caught you off guard or if you would simply like to discuss how AnswerNet’s Compliance Consulting team of experts can help you keep ahead of similar changes, please go fill out a contact form on our website to schedule a call.

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