Benefits of Using an 800 Number for Your Business

Here’s Why Your Business Needs an 800 Number & How to Select the Best Services

Choosing between saving money and increasing productivity is often a pain point for small businesses. Solving this problem can be as easy as implementing a business 800 toll-free number to meet and exceed your organizational needs.

How to Standout from Your Competition

If you own or manage a business in today’s economy, you know it’s essential to make your business stand out and be seen as a leader. What are you doing to stand out from your competition?

Small and medium-sized businesses must look and sound as professional as the big guys. An 800 number will provide friendly and professional agents 24/7/365. 

7 Reasons Your Business Should Have an 800 Number

1. Phone calls are still the preferred communication channel for customers after they’ve bought something from a company. Thirty-six percent of respondents in the Customer Communications Review over the age of 56 rank phone calls as the top preferred communication channel. At the same time, it comes in at a close second (30%) to email (31%) for respondents aged 40-55. Even for the 18-39 demographic, the phone is a very close third at 22%.

2. Suppose your business serves customers outside of your local area or you want to expand into new areas. In that case, you should consider using an 800 number to help boost the credibility of your business and increase engagement with clients in new markets.

3. An 800 number centralizes your business. You only need one number if your employees are in five states. 

4. An unforgettable 800 number. Think of the jingles you heard in TV commercials during your childhood. You probably still remember the phone numbers in the ads – that’s precisely the point.

Toll-free numbers are often so memorable that they serve as their form of marketing for your business. If someone knows your number more quickly than they know your competitors’ numbers, they’ll call you first. 

5. It’s easier for customers to remember your number, primarily when you use vanity numbers (think 1-800-Flowers or 1-800-GoFedEX). They are popular and can raise your brand awareness. Customers are more likely to call an 800 number simply because it’s free.

6. Having an 800 number creates the illusion of a larger business. That, in turn, can make your company appear more authoritative and trustworthy.

7. You own your 800 number. When you change businesses or locations, the number is still yours. They are easily transferable. Your company has grown tenfold, and you need a more extensive phone system, but you don’t want to have to change your number? You don’t have to! Take it with you.

The Best 800 Number Services for Small Business

AnswerNet’s answering services with toll-free 800 numbers offer various features and benefits that can be scaled for any business size. Select the options you need for your business and watch your company grow with:

Your benefits with AnswerNet

Our 800-number telephone answering service comes with outstanding benefits ideally suited for any business – big or small.

  1. Tailored Services
  2. Month-to-Month Options
  3. Uninterrupted Service
  4. Locally Based Agents
  5. National Back-Up
  6. Secure Backup & Storage
  7. PCI-DSS Compliant

Quick Setup

If you need immediate support, we can ramp up quickly to get you up and running in days, not weeks. You can feel secure knowing that AnswerNet will answer your calls quickly, professionally, and without interruption in whichever plan you choose.

Experience the AnswerNet Difference Now

As a leading provider of professional call center solutions, AnswerNet specializes in helping any size company optimize its business. We offer a range of services to give your organization the advantage with appointment scheduling, multilingual support, customized messaging, and much more.

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