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Pro Tips for B2B Lead Generation Services (Part 1 of 2)

B2B lead generation by definition is the act of identifying or qualifying a customer need by proactively seeking them out… In B2B sales, our customers are extremely busy (as evidenced by the number of polite rejections and non-verbal hanging up of the phone lol) and therefore to identify a need or qualify our contact, our first job (and I’ll argue our main job) is to interrupt their busy day long enough to make a connection… Let’s reframe that. To even have a chance to identify a quality, qualified prospect – they need to first agree to give you their attention and time. Seems simple. But you of course know it’s not, so let’s get into it. I promise once you’ve cracked this one HUGE challenge, lead generation and sales becomes fun!

Let’s go to dictionary.com to define “interrupt” and to lay out how it applies to us here:



[ verb in-tuh-ruhpt; noun in-tuh-ruhpt ]


  1. to cause or make a break in the continuity or uniformity of (a course, process, condition, etc.).
  2. to break off or cause to cease, as in the middle of something:
  3. to stop (a person) in the midst of doing or saying something, especially by an interjected remark:
 This is it! The best lead generation companies all excel at these three functions. Successful lead generation services (1) break the reflex reaction (the continuity) a prospective customer makes when politely dismissing phone solicitations causing them to (2) break off in the middle of whatever work task they were engaged in as the result of a (3) thoughtful and targeted interjected remark.
The most successful lead generation professionals are sat at the phones, equipped with stories, case studies, performance statistics and other evidence that helps them navigate a substantive and positive conversation with each customer. The goal is to establish that this is an excellent product or service that would greatly benefit the company if they have the time and money resources to implement (we’re entirely focused on delivering value here) This isn’t “never take no for an answer”, though there is huge value in equipping your team for objections to help ballast the interruption long enough for your prospective customer to lower their guard, for the sales person or call center agent to capture their focus, and for the intent of the call to be communicated and understood.
If it were only that simple. When you scroll down the page on dictionary.com, below the word games and ads, you’ll find the definition variant for interrupt as a noun.
  1. Computers. a hardware signal that breaks the flow of program execution and transfers control to a predetermined storage location so that another procedure can be followed or a new operation carried out.
Ok, so it’s really important to remember that human habits are programming. And our reflex reactions to unsolicited calls and emails are a function of the habits we developed to be as productive as possible while at work. When I really sit and think about this definition, I know it’s true in my own work. I perform tasks in a specific priority order to ensure I get the most out of my day. So if we all want to be as productive as possible and to not waste time, the only way to combat our habits and programming is to clearly communicate the ways your product or service will help save time, reduce risk, help capitalize on time investment, and drive greater levels of productivity. If your callers are not impactful in communicating value centered in one or more of these 4 key areas (please comment if there are actually more than 4 and we’re oversimplifying), your interruption may not hold your prospects attention…

Interrupt your own “numbers game” mindset


We all know that successful B2B lead generation services hinge on our ability to present a compelling offer (with simplicity, specifics, and story) and navigating predictable obstacles that can derail an otherwise qualified prospect prematurely. But what specifically can be done? Since we’re all experienced sales and marketing professionals here – it won’t surprise you that when lead generation teams or appointment setters become accustomed to most calls ending with a polite (or not so polite) disengagement followed by *click* that expectation of “outcome” impacts their results. Breaking out of routine “its all a numbers game” habits that prevent callers and prospective customers from “connecting” is the one and only game successful sales organizations should focus on. Many of our recommendations will require you to untie your team’s hands and allow them to go off script, but just know that doesn’t mean we want them to go way far off the rails, we’re just taking off the training wheels and empowering them to go where needed (again within reason).

More to Come:


In Pro Tips for B2B Lead Generation Serivces ( Part 2 of 2), we’ll provide a framework for preparing your team for success. If you would like to schedule time with one of our lead generation experts, click here and complete our contact form. Or if you prefer, feel free to call and connect with one of our outbound lead generation sales experts: 800-411-5777.