3 Ways to Use Social Media for your Energy Company

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3 Ways to Use Social Media for your Energy Company

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Social media is a vital tool for many companies. However, you may not typically associate social media with energy companies. Believe it or not, social media can be a fantastic tool for energy companies to reach more customers, provide support, and establish themselves as leaders in the industry.

In the United States, there are close to 2,000 energy providers vying for business. Using social media can help set you stay ahead of the pack.

Sound appealing? Read on for some ways social media can help your energy company.

3 Ways Social Media Can Be Beneficial to your Energy Business

Social media can be daunting when your company is new to posting. But by focusing on these three uses, you can become a social media whiz while increasing revenue and trust in your energy business.

1. Creating Social Media Ads

Advertising may seem like the most obvious use for social media, but it’s for good reason. When done well, social media marketing can expose you to vast amounts of new customers for your business. This is especially useful if you are planning on expanding to a new geographic area, trying to reach a different demographic of customers, or want more exposure for your business.

2. Responding to Customer Concerns

Social media can be a place where consumers turn to air their complaints about products and businesses they have been patrons of. No business is immune to this, and while it may seem counterintuitive to draw attention to these types of posts and comments, there are actually ways for you to use them to your advantage. Responding to concerns or complaints on your social pages politely and in a timely manner can solidify your business as attentive, authentic, and customer-first. In the long run, this can help drive business to you because potential customers will know that they can count on you to quickly and professionally take care of any issues that may arise.

3. Posting Emergency Updates

When it comes to systems that provide essential services, customers are rightfully going to have concerns in any instances of outage, construction, or other cases that may impact their services. In these cases, using social media to provide updates will give customers peace of mind knowing that your company is not only working to resolve outages, but is transparent and happy to provide updates. You don’t necessarily need to provide updates for every small outage your company experiences, but in cases of large outages, storms, accidents, repairs, etc., even providing small updates or a link to an updated webpage can be reassuring to your customers.

Are You Ready to Dive In?

Now that you know how social media can help drive customers to your energy business, you’re ready to take the next step. While you’re focusing on setting up your social media strategy, AnswerNet can help keep you covered in other areas. From inbound customer support to appointment setting to TPV services and more, AnswerNet and AnswerNet Third-Party Verification are the #1 leaders in call center support for the energy industry. Click here to learn more and request a quote.