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24/7 Virtual Receptionist & Live Call Answering Service

Looking for a flexible, cost-effective way of managing your office communication?


Consider using our virtual receptionist services and potentially save staffing and equipment costs.


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Virtual Receptionist Services from AnswerNet

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Virtual Receptionist Services include... (Click here to read.)
Virtual receptionist services remotely provide many of the same receptionist services a regular receptionist performs plus 24/7 telephone answering service coverage. Services can include prompt 24/7 live answering services, email answering services, phone messaging services, fax answering services, order entry services, online scheduling services and other customized phone answering services. Services can be customized for any business, medical office, or agency. Use our service as your virtual assistant or remote secretary.

Keep in touch anywhere, anytime with virtual receptionist services...

You will never miss a call when AnswerNet agents answer for you. Our service includes live answering services plus additional services. Use our virtual receptionist service as your virtual assistant or remote secretary. Our services offer a virtual office assistant at an affordable price.


Our network of 25+ contact centers is open 24/7/365, allowing our virtual assistants to handle your calls anytime—day or night. AnswerNet remote secretaries can even be there when your in-house staff is busy or away from the office.


AnswerNet’s experienced, well-trained agents triage and direct calls, and can also call patch/warm-transfer calls to your home, office, cell or even voicemail.  


Hire AnswerNet as Your Virtual Receptionist Service.
Save on Staffing and Equipment Costs.

Hiring just one full-time 40 hr/wk receptionist employee can easily cost over $2800 / month in wages, benefits and office space rental. This cost does not include the additional costs of office equipment, furniture, computer, office supplies and utilities.


You can save on these staffing and equipment costs by using AnswerNet's services.



Why you should use AnswerNet’s Virtual Receptionist Services

  • Using a remote secretary, you can minimize staffing and facilities requirements and lessen risks of unauthorized access into your buildings.
  • Our call center agents can reply to your customers in Spanish, French and many other languages through our interpreting partners.
  • Let our agents act as your email receptionist service. They can acknowledge, screen, sort and direct emails, as well as call or page you about urgent messages.
  • Our virtual receptionists can page and dispatch urgent calls, and also escalate important emails as necessary.
  • AnswerNet’s Fax Mailbox service lets you pick up and retrieve faxes at your convenience from anywhere at any time. Our fax service receives them for you in special mailboxes, then transfers them to you when your line is free.
  • Moving? Relocating? Transition your inbound calls, emails, text messages and fax handling to AnswerNet’s call centers until you are settled into your new location.
  • Direct or re-direct mail and packages to AnswerNet, and our agents will sort and deliver them for you.
  • Need someone to manage your appointment scheduling? AnswerNet’s virtual receptionists can maintain your schedule, and call or email reminders for your appointments.


Key Benefits

  • Cost‐effective
  • 24/7/365 Coverage
  • Highly‐Trained and Professional Agents
  • English, Spanish or French
  • PCI-DSS Compliant
  • HIPAA Compliant

Key Features

  • Agents Answer Calls Morning, Noon or Night
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Agents can Page or Dispatch Urgent Calls or Emails
  • Agents can Handle Faxes, Text Messages or Emails
  • Customizable Program Options


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  • Disaster Response
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