Let’s take a trip across North America to check in with a few of our sites and find out what’s going on in their neck of the woods!

Akron, OH

The Akron site certainly has been busy and buzzing! As always, we still continue to be one big happy family. We’ve also been placing extra emphasis these days on working extremely hard to keep our quality scores high – right along with our agent and staff moral! We’re also incredibly proud to report that we’ve seen a lot of growth with our site-level client work. It’s been quite a summer already!

Atlanta, GA

We’re excited to tell you about what’s happening in our “neck of the woods.” We have a group of AZA agents working out of our office, which has been invigorating! After Covid sent us home, it’s been great to see each other face-to-face. Our morale-boosting “Employee of the Month” contest is still going strong, and we’re also using the weekly QEval to reward agents who maintain great scores. It’s been a huge success!

Billings, MT

Greetings from Billings! Although we’re 100% remote these days – except for one on-site agent – we continue to work hard and persevere! We keep busy by building up our site and gaining new clients on a regular basis. We make it a priority to stay connected, work closely together, and maintain our “team player” attitude. So, even though we’re a “virtual team,” we’re still an incredibly strong team!


The Chattanooga/Birmingham/Nashville “Triad” team is flourishing! Since the last edition of The Buzz, we’ve taken on 5 new accounts and hired 5 more agents! We’re already busy preparing for the “Awards of Excellence” season by working closely with our agents to ensure they’re following “The 9 Basics” on every single call. We’ve got our eyes on the prize, so bring it on!

Hays, KS

Although we’re still mostly remote, some team members do come into the office. Most exciting is we’ve welcomed some new clients, inspiring us keep delivering the same great customer service we’re known for. After all, that’s The Answernet Way! Thanks to the help of our own staff, we’ve added a fresh coat of paint to our interior – creating a welcoming atmosphere for everyone! We love the new look and feel!

Portland, OR

Summer is in full swing in Portland! As the great Glenn Fry sang, “The heat is on!” This season, we’re ramping up our training as we bring on multiple IT helpdesk accounts in both commercial & education spaces. We’re doing this in conjunction with AnswerNet’s Infrastructure L1 & L2 teams, which greatly expand our ability to provide full omni-channel support in the IT BPO vertical – which is ripe for growth!

Sacramento, CA

Summer is heating up here in Sac-Town with an Amazing, Outstanding, Excellent (AOE) Team! With 90% of our team working remotely, some days in the office are a bit quiet. But, we stay connected through our daily group chats. Right now we’re focused on building our “quality chops” to ensure we receive our AOE Award this year! We’re ready and anxious to get caught – for being awesome! “Gotcha!”

Stockton, CA

We’ve had a few BIG changes here since the last edition of The Buzz, with more to come! We’re thrilled to welcome long-time AnswerNet employee, Davina Perez, as our new GM. We’ve also been working on securing a beautiful new site. As our business continues to grow, we’re focusing on a “back to basics” approach that delivers the highest quality of service to our clients. What a summer!

Waldoboro, ME

So, what’s new here at the Waldoboro site? Well, it’s easy to say we’ve all been keeping very busy delivering only the best customer service for our clients! In fact, we’re currently conducting intensive training classes for four brand new agents! We’re so glad they’re coming on board now to help us with all the new business we’ve been receiving. Waldoboro is still going strong indeed!

Webster City, IA

We’ve recently undergone some changes in upper management and are working hard to boost morale with fun activities like “Ax Throwing,” “Pizza Making,” and Door Decorating! (L to R): Nikki Jensen (ProFarmer Cust. Service), Erin Storm-Mitchell (GM), Nikki Boyd (Farm Journal Day Shift Spvr.), Aurora Moss (Farm Journal Night Shift Spvr.), Danielle Ayers (Assistant GM), Andrew Berger (ProFarmer Sales Mgr.)

Winnipeg, Canada

Here at Team Winnipeg, we’re coping with ever-changing weather and finding our new normal. Our biweekly team meetings have been really great for adjusting to this new normal, keeping morale high, and staying connected as a team. We’d also like to give a big shout-out to our Supervisors, Ak and Manpreet, who are such troopers and always “give it their all” to support us!

Winnipeg (FineLine)

There are so many exciting things going on here at FineLine these days! First, a big congratulations to Jessica Turcotte on her recent promotion to Supervisor – well done, Jessica! We’d also like to welcome our new Team Leaders: Caleb Ronluc, Gino Daigle, Pascal-Denis Lussier, Steve Jerome, and Charles Williams. Welcome aboard! We look forward to working with you all!

Large Projects (remote team)

The Large Projects Team is excited to be a part of The Buzz for the first time! Our remote staff consists of thousands of agents who’ve been onboarded and trained in the past 24 months and keep very busy servicing many of AnswerNet’s largest clients. We’d like to thank all the sites for building such a strong support network over the years. We’re proud to be a part of this shared success!