David Murdza, Dir. Corporate Administration

HR Corner

Shake off the Pandemic with #BeHealthy!

As we exit hibernation brought on by the pandemic (which our own President & CEO, Gary Pudles has “unofficially” declared over last month), many of us are realizing the effects of overindulging on Netflix and our favorite treats for 2+ years.


Studies now show that worldwide physical fitness and wellness took a backseat during Covid while most of us focused on the mental effects of isolation. For some, a gluttonous meal, an extra scoop of Rocky Road, or a midweek beer or glass of wine (or 2) felt comforting and a much-earned reward for “staying sane” in these unprecedented times. Couple this extra consumption with a less-restrictive work-from-home “uniform” (i.e. less belts, slippers, sweatpants, leggings) — a slippery slope was certainly underway for our bodies.

So, as Spring welcomes new blooms, fresh air, and an opportunity to start anew, the Corporate Administration Team invites all AnswerNet employees to take part in our new initiative: Be Healthy! 

As you should’ve already seen, we introduced Be Healthy in March as a a company-wide personal health and wellness initiative. Participation is simple and we sincerely hope you’ll take part in the program!

Every month for the rest of 2022, we will randomly draw a prize to be awarded to the AnswerNet employee who shows his or her commitment to “Be Healthy! All you have to do to obtain a drawing entry is complete a health & wellness-focused task set from the team which will be announced on the monthly flyer. Because March was “National Nutrition Month,” we created our first  drawing for employees who sent proof to behealthy@answernet.com that they: 

  • Had their cholesterol or blood pressure checked in the last 6 months
  • Prepared a healthy, homemade meal
  • Or, averaged 2,000 steps per day on a health app 


We’re excited to announce that CHRISTINE DUVALL, Operations Manager for Quality Contact Solutions (one of our new acquisitions) was drawn in April as our first Be Healthy! winner for March and will receive a $100 Visa Giftcard.

GOOD FOR YOU, CHRISTINE! Congratulations!

Christine also shared her low-cal lasagna recipe from MyFitnessPal with all of us! 

Check it out by clicking HERE or on the image on the left.

We hope that with a little group motivation, we can exit our lockdowns and step into a healthier post-pandemic lifestyle… together! So, be on the lookout for a new Be Healthy! flyer each month as we continue to challenge all AnswerNet employees to not only be #AnswerNetStrong but #BeHealthy!