CSM News

New Name. Same passion.

Introducing “CSM,” the new name for our Client Solutions Management team!

Previously known as NCSM (National Client Solutions Management) our team oversees AnswerNet’s largest inbound and outbound accounts that may also require the use of multiple AnswerNet sites. We’ve broken beyond the bounds of the National – hence foregoing “National” with the name change. CSM handles accounts throughout the United States, Canada, and elsewhere internationally. 

Teamwork makes the dream work! Although there’s one team member per CSM account, like most departments at AnswerNet, we jump into each other’s projects often in order to meet clients’ needs.

Currently, QCS’s CSM division is being merged into Answernet’s, further deepening the talent bank!

I jokingly refer to CSM as AnswerNet’s “Special Forces.” New tech is constantly being added to the Telecom and BPO space, and a litany of talented fighter power is needed to keep up and stay informed about who we’re assisting and what we’re selling. We will do all that each account requires of us!

To qualify as a CSM account, generally the criteria are:

  • It is a high-value client
  • It is a complex account, requiring additional supervision
  • It is an account in distress, requiring corrective action plans (CAP)
  • It is an account that has current or future strategic value

Typically, a CSM will provide the following range of services:

  • Provides one point of contact for the account
  • Gives Operations data and expected calls so that WFM can run staffing needs
  • Ensures agent quality and consistency across all sites (via QEval)
  • CSM and Operations jointly manage allocation platform and VCQ Monitoring
  • Manages combined reporting for account across sites
  • Processes all program billing and invoicing

Broadly, we assist accounts that need special attention in terms of their site approaches, call cadences, and billing. We scale our assistance to the client’s needs and expectations

Steve Webster, Sr. Director of Client Solutions

Over the next few months, we’ll be launching a new CSM marketing strategy rebranding initiative… stay tuned!

I’m available for any questions agents might have about CSM.
Please feel free to reach out to me at steve.webster@answernet.com.