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Gary Pudles, President & CEO

Gary’s Goings-On

Happy New Year to my 
wonderful AnswerNet Family!

As I reflect back on 2021, I realize how much the pandemic has caused me to change the way I think about the company. 

Never in my career have I truly appreciated as much as I do now how much good our company does for so many people, and how much we’re capable of achieving together. Not only do we continue to provide good, steady jobs; we also can be proud of the types of accounts we added in 2021. I continue to be honored to be part of this organization.

Historically, we’ve served our communities by servicing doctors and emergency service providers who help people at all times of the day. Aviem is a great example of an AnswerNet account that’s always ready to help people during a crisis or emergency. In 2021, we continued to work on Covid-related business that we began in March of 2020, including testing & vaccine scheduling and emergency rental assistance.

Also this year, we proudly added Nonprofit to our suite of services. I’m delighted to report that we now serve some of the most respected and admired charitable organizations in the world, including American Red CrossCanadian Red CrossDoctors Without BordersCatholic Charities USAHabitat for HumanityHeart & Stroke FoundationThe Salvation Army, and many more.

As for me, I’ve forced myself to learn how to lead a larger organization – all while we grew, shrank, then grew again. 2021has certainly been a roller coaster ride of learning – putting what I learn into practice, testing it, then trying the whole cycle again. One thing I discovered this year is that when we set goals, we can achieve anything! Thank you all for another incredible year. 

I think 2022 is going to be amazing!