Meet Roozbeh Bahmani, an agent in the Toronto, Canada site. 

Roozbeh joined the AnswerNet team in April of 2021 when certain accounts from his former employer, MAP Communications, were acquired by AnswerNet.

Garnett Grayson, Corporate Operations Manager for Canada, was asked to describe Roozbeh in one word. Without hesitation, he simply said “exceptional.”

When you look at an agent like Roozbeh, you find that he knows the fine details of all his accounts, he’s extremely flexible with his work schedule, and he’s truly comfortable with performing demos and other client-facing activities… it’s no surprise that Garnett chose the word “exceptional” for Roozbeh.

A call center veteran with 14 years of experience, Roozbeh says he never gets bored because he views every project as a new adventure. Whether handling inbound calls for a variety of accounts, assisting other agents, or helping to resolve tech issues, Roozbeh looks forward to seeing what each new day will bring!

When not performing his agent duties here at AnswerNet, you can find Roozbeh giving guitar lessons.

Thanks for all you do, Roozbeh! We appreciate you.