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Answering Service & Call Center Solutions for Utility and Energy Sector

As a public utilities company, it is imperative that your customers can reach you 24/7.


But what do you do when you can't answer the phone?


AnswerNet can provide you with call center services—from basic answering services to customer service support.

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Call Center Services for Utility Service Providers

AnswerNet can help make sure you won't miss a vital call from your clients or customers. We provide call center services for many utility service providers, including:

  • Electricity Providers
  • Natural Gas Companies
  • Water and Sewage Municipals
  • Energy Providers


Our courteous, well-trained agents can handle your calls promptly and professionally. Agents will act as a seamless extension of your company. All scripting and frequently asked questions can be customized to your exact specifications.


AnswerNet can provide a number of services for any utility company, including:

  • Telephone Answering Services: Do not miss another call from your customers. We can handle all incoming calls, provide overflow support during peak hours or offer after-hours coverage.
  • Customer Service: Agents can manage calls regard customer accounts, billing, account activation and outages.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Provide your customer with a self-service menu where they can simply press one for account details.
  • Live Chat: Customers can contact you from the convenience of their computer.
  • Email Management: Our agents can sort, prioritize and respond to customer inquiries via email.


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AnswerNet performs all types of call center services for your business or organization. With thousands of customers, the odds are that we have delivered a program and worked in your industry.


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