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Answering Services For Government Agencies
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If you work in the public sector, you know that it is imperative to provide effective communications to the people of your town, city or state.


AnswerNet provides accurate and timely call center services to the government industry — from answering services to dispatching, we are here to help.


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Call Center Services For Government Agencies

The government is required to provide citizens with effective and timely communications. AnswerNet can provide you with turnkey call center services to better serve your people. These services can include:


Government Call Center Experience

AnswerNet has extensive experience with government accounts. You can rest assured that your important calls are handled with professionalism, accuracy and are transferred immediately when necessary.


You can rely on AnswerNet for all your departmental call-handling needs. We have extensive experience with Local, State and Federal Government Agencies.


We have provided government telephone answering services for departments such as agriculture, defense, environmental protection, health and human services, housing, law enforcement, occupational safety, transportation and utilities.


Training and Handling of Government Answering Services

We will train our agents on your procedures and develop scripts using your terminology to provide callers with effective answering services for the government.


You can also select how you want to obtain your messages with your choice of screened or unscreened warm transfers, voicemail, email, SMS texting and fax. You can call-forward any number and use any number of lines. We can also page you for important messages.


Multilingual Communication Support

To serve non-English speakers, we can provide call center services to the government in Spanish and French, plus in other languages through our translation partners. To connect with the hearing-impaired, we provide TTY and IP Relay services.


Disaster Response and Recovery Services

Our disaster backup services can keep your program going, even during natural and man-made disasters.  We will provide the center(s) that best fits your disaster response needs.


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AnswerNet performs all types of call center services for your business or organization. With thousands of customers, the odds are that we have delivered a program and worked in your industry.


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