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8 Blog Ideas for Nonprofits that Will Get the Attention of Donors

Is your nonprofit having a hard time engaging your donors? Whether you’re a small nonprofit or a large one, you know that engaging your donors is a key to success.

Donor engagement is the way your nonprofit organization interacts with its donors. Sending out blogs and posting them on social media is one way to engage. Organizations that blog get 55% more website visitors than those that don’t.

With so many charitable options to choose from, differentiating your organization is essential. One way to accomplish this is posting thought leadership content (i.e. blogs) that shows prospective donors your organization is the obvious choice. This not only helps with positioning, by drives traffic to your site and will ultimately lead to more donations.

8 Blog Topics for Better Nonprofit Donor Engagement

Are you struggling to write content that meets the needs of your audience? Consider some of these options:

Share Success Stories

Every nonprofit business is built from the ground up to help. Share your organization’s story and core values. Share a story of someone you were able to help.

Nonprofits make such a huge impact. Communicating and telling your story to your donors and followers establish a strong connection.

Highlight your events and post pictures and videos. Doing so helps in forming that relationship with your donors and prospective donors.

Spotlight Volunteers and Donors

Show the volunteers that support you what they mean to your nonprofit organization by spotlighting them in a blog post. Volunteers show immense dedication and compassion helping your organization continue to succeed.

Tell your volunteer’s stories and include testimonials of how they empower and embody the core values of your organization. A blog like this shines a well-deserved spotlight on them. They help recruit others who might be interested in volunteering their time and skills.

Map Out Where Donations Go

Track donations from the time they come in to the time they reach their intended recipient. Does that donation go toward funding research? If so, interview the scientist that’s doing the work.

If your organization directly helps organizations like a foodbank, show the donation from receipt to packaging to distribution. End with the impact of that donation and how your donor’s money makes a direct impact.

Getting to Know Your Team

The backbone of your organization is your staff. Feature the departments that make up your organization. Highlight who makes up those departments and what each individual does.

Ask people to talk about what got them inspired or have them discuss a time that they felt compelled to donate to a cause. Find out what brought them to your nonprofit.

Question and Answer

Have your followers, donors, and volunteers submit questions through your website or social media accounts and answer them in a blog post. People like to see their questions in writing. It could even build brand loyalty with your nonprofit.

Giving people the opportunity to learn about your organization. This also allows your organization the opportunity to share and to be fully transparent with their audience.

Share Nonprofit Updates

Keep your followers in the loop. Write a blog on what’s happening in the industry or in your own organization, advertise events on the horizon, and give updates your fundraising goals.

Don’t be afraid to highlight things that you need. Do you need manpower, donations, or materials? Communicating your goals and needs offer people an opportunity to support your cause. 

Outline the infrastructure of your organization. In this blog, you should dive deep into what each department does and how they help your organization achieve its goals. 

Write a Thank You Note

The simple two words, “Thank You,” can mean all the difference to people. Put together an open Thank You letter together for donors, volunteers, supporters, and followers.

All these individuals have a small part in the big picture. Let them know how important they are to your organization as well as the people your organization help.

Share Challenges Your Organization Faces

Have open communication with your followers. What challenges is your organization facing?

No matter the size, write about some of the roadblocks that you’ve come across. Outline how you have or plan to overcome those roadblocks, allowing your readers to understand the challenges you are facing.

Communication is Key

With so many charity organizations to donate to, communication is key. Keeping the communication open between your organization and your donors is so imperative. Blogs are an effective, personal way of communicating. Nonprofits have so many success stories waiting to be told!

In the long run, the most important thing is to share content that gives value to your followers.

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