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8 Ways a Call Center Can Help Your Business

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Did you know that outsourcing business processes to call centers is an effective way to grow your business? It has the potential to boost your company’s revenue without increasing overhead costs. Many businesses don’t realize the extensive services that a call center offers.

Call Center Benefits

Explore some of the many benefits of outsourcing call center services such as:

1. Cut Administrative Costs

In today’s virtual world, are your receptionists working remotely? Modern call centers have adapted to be able to work from anywhere, including from home. You can cut a substantial overhead cost by hiring a call center to do your virtual receptionist work at a fraction of what you would pay to hire one or more secretaries.

Virtual receptionists are professionally trained, organized agents who manage your administrative needs at an off-site location. This frees up your office staff to work on more lucrative duties.

Engaging a call center virtual receptionist can also provide a sense of security. In the event of a natural or man‐made disaster, call centers have fail‐safe plans in place. For instance, if the internet or phones go out, you don’t have to wait until the electric company fixes your service.

A partner site that’s also trained on your accounts picks up the slack without any interruption. This process ensures that your business is never missing an opportunity.

2. Increase Revenue with Better Customer Service

A poor customer service experience can seriously damage your reputation. Agents are often selected for your account based on their knowledge and experience within your industry. All staff endure a rigorous training process, follow a thorough and pre‐approved script, and are continuously monitored on a weekly and/or monthly basis.

Call center account managers work with your company to set expectations and goals and will re‐evaluate and revise processes as your firm sees fit. This all ensures every call that comes into a call center gets the best possible customer service. 

3. Boost Profits with 24/7/365 Access

Would you work all hours of the day if it meant it could help increase your company’s revenue? Many consumers purchase a product or service at all hours of the day. Rather than you working or hiring around‐the‐clock staff to manage the order intake, it would be a smart decision to consider a call center solution.

Telecommunication companies have a geographic footprint across North American time zones, ensuring 24/7/365 service to their clientele. Call centers even offer web order management, credit card processing, and fulfillment services day and night.

No matter if your customers are night owls or early birds, a call center agent will be available to facilitate the sale.

4. Improve Time Management with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Improper time management can negatively affect a company’s bottom line. The more time you and your staff are preoccupied with unnecessary distractions, the greater risk you run of losing money.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are effective tools to help you achieve better time management in your business. This technology allows your callers the ability to interact with your database and accomplish repetitive tasks without involving staff in the laborious process.

Clients can call in, listen to or submit information without having to talk with a live person. In turn, your staff have more time available to focus on the pressing matters at hand.

5. Outsource or Add Professional, Well-Trained Sales Staff

The goal is always to sell, sell and then sell some more. The cost that comes along with hiring and training a talented sales team that can successfully sell, sell, sell can be astronomical. 

Call centers have several cost‐effective telesales services available including lead generation, lead verification, and generating returns for your company. Call centers work with clients to research, learn and uphold their successful sales processes and techniques.

Dedicated telesales agents are specially trained to overcome obstacles between you and your buyers. They stay in touch with existing and potential customers at each segment of the sales cycle.

6. Use Technology to Expand Your Reach

SMS texting and online chat—why are they a vital choice for your company? SMS is the perfect way to expand your reach and increase your margins while offering instant customer service. Call centers also offer Mass SMS text services.

Chat provides an opportunity to have a conversation with a customer through any web‐enabled device, giving your customers the option to ask questions and receive answers any time of the day.

These are only a few of the options available from call centers, and all are tremendous opportunities to cultivate more earnings and increase profits.

7. Broaden Your Knowledge with Market Research

According to Marketing Donut, “Market research questionnaires, surveys, and focus groups can be powerful tools for improving your understanding of your market and customers.” Today’s market offers so many options. Knowing precisely what customers want and need is a huge competitive advantage. Utilize a call center that specializes in market research to collect critical consumer data for your sales initiatives. Call centers offer a range of research services such as:

  • Consumer products and product testing
  • Political polling for candidate races and ballot proposals
  • Media and entertainment (movies, television)
  • Advertising campaign testing
  • Travel, transportation, and hospitality surveys
  • Business and professional services surveys
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical consumer surveys

8. Expand Your Business with Call Center Partnerships

Are your clients asking for services you currently don’t offer? Are you losing business to competitors because they’re offering additional services?

Many companies are looking to find reliable partnerships that can help expand their businesses and satisfy their clients’ needs without the cost of development. Additional services call centers provide that could help grow your business include:

IVR System

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) answers callers in place of a live receptionist or agent. It provides customers service by being programming to provide information and transfer callers to the right department for any further service.

Omni Channel

Because we’re living in the digital age and customers use different ways of communicating, answering services offer omni channel communication. This includes email, text messaging, social media, live chat, and more offering your customers optimal service.  

Start Your Journey with a Call Center Now

As a growing business, there’s no reason to not have a call center or contact center at your side. Cut costs, increase revenue, and boost profits now with the help of a nationwide call center – AnswerNet.

We’re ready to meet and exceed your needs, providing all the benefits listed here and more. All of our solutions are easily tailored to your needs and seamlessly integrated into your systems.

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