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6 Simple Ways Call Centers Help the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is growing reliant on call centers as demand for recreational cannabis and its related information grows with each passing year.

When strategizing ways to get cannabis customer’s attention and move them through the sales process, call centers might not be the first thing that come to mind. But call centers are indeed instrumental to any cannabis company’s success.

With legalized cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes spreading across the United States, the industry is rapidly growing. 

Customers have questions, traffic needs to be controlled, and regulations need to be met. Call centers are hugely beneficial in ticking these boxes. 

Navigating the new plane of legal selling can be difficult, and the territory is mostly uncharted. So what are the best ways to help make this process easier for businesses? 

6 Ways a Call Center Can Help Your Cannabis Business

  1. Appointment Setting

Trying to control the amount of customers in your store at once? Coordinating order pickups? Appointment setting services are a great resource for cannabis companies, especially when it comes to in-store pickup. 

  1. Customer Service

Live agents can assist with customer service inquiries including product availability. This way staff isn’t bombarded with juggling phone calls and dealing with in-person customers simultaneously. 

  1. Order notifications

Call centers can use SMS services to help with order processing, pickup notification, and appointment reminders. This can help regulate the flow of customers coming into your business, control loss of inventory, and keep customers “in the know” regarding their order status.

  1. Press inquiries

The cannabis industry is still up and coming. Many Americans are interested and curious about the legal aspects of commercial cannabis sales. When warehouses, dispensaries, and other cannabis-related businesses open, it can be a source of media frenzy. Call centers have trained agents who answer your press inquiries over the phone to remove some of the stress of fielding media requests.

  1. Legal assistance

The passage of federal-level legality is pending, and cannabis is not yet legal in all jurisdictions. Regionally across the US, the level of legality and nuances of the laws vary greatly. Call centers can help with outsourcing legal inquiries and representation as-needed. 

  1. Lead generation

The cannabis industry is still relatively niche in many areas. How do you attract customers? Call centers can assist with lead generation to help you find customers.

Take the Next Steps

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