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Voicemail Services

Is your office desk cluttered due to an oversized answering machine? Are you stuck with a local or long-distance carrier because of your voicemail?


AnswerNet can take care of all of that with our Voicemail Services—an inexpensive way to provide you peace of mind.


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Voicemail Services - Your Messages, Your Way

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Voicemail is a cost-effective way to provide your customers a way of contacting you. With AnswerNet’s services, you can rest assured that your callers will be able to leave you a message without the hassle of your office line ringing all day. You can also give customers that prefer to speak to a live person the option of speaking to one our telephone answering service agents.


With 25+ local offices across North America and Canada, we can provide your company virtually any phone number in the area code of your preference, even 212 in NYC. Prefer to advertise an 800 number? We have access to thousands of toll-free and vanity numbers as well.


Here are just a few of the features our Voicemail Service packages offer:

  • Local and toll-free numbers
  • Notifications of a new messages via text to your cell phone or email
  • .WAV files of your messages sent to your email
  • Transcription of your messages sent to your email
  • Personalized greetings customized to your needs
  • Link your phones directly to our voicemail, so you receive your messages from one place
  • Live agent options so that your callers can connect to an agent at any time just by pressing 0


Receive Your Messages Via Email!

Wish you could access your voicemail messages from your email? You can with AnswerNet's E-VOX system. E-VOX automatically converts voicemails into .wav files. These files are then instantly sent to your email address as file attachments. Each message is placed into separate emails, allowing you to listen to them as you check your inbox.

AnswerNet can also transcribe your messages and send them to you via email or SMS text, making it very easy to share your messages or archive them later for review.


AnswerNet can also provide cost-effective professional voiceover talent for your voicemail, interactive voice response (IVR) prompts and messages.


Live Agents Available - Avoid Losing Customers

If you notice that callers sometimes hang up rather than leaving a message in your voicemail box, consider providing them the option of speaking with a live person. You can give callers the choice of leaving a message or speaking to an operator or customer service representative.


Let our friendly answering service agents answer these calls for you and provide a wide range of services such as taking messages, scheduling appointments, dispatching personal and other customer service tasks 24/7/365.


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