Third-Party Verification

Human Resources

The Final Step in Onboarding New Employees

Third-Party Verification

Human Resources

The Final Step in Onboarding New Employees

Human Resources Third-Party Verification (HRTPV)

HRTPV uncovers any ambiguities and verifies employee’s clear understanding of terms and conditions of employment. 

Company Protection

Increasing regulations and today’s highly litigious environment requires better protection from employee claims against their employers.

Employee Protection

Employees need to understand the terms of their employment completely, including compensation and benefit elections.

HR Staff Protection

Despite HR personnel’s best efforts to effectively communicate all pertinent information, misunderstandings can and do occur.

Custom Scripts

Customize the HRTPV script(s), highlighting key policies and conditions that may be specific to your industry, company or candidate level.

Ongoing Validation

Benefits, regulations and requirements change, and your HR department is required to communicate these changes as they occur.

How Does HRTPV Work?

In human resources, HRTPV is not an additional service, but the crucial last step in the onboarding process for new employees.

HRPTV verifies the understanding of terms and conditions in these steps:

  • Employee participates in a recorded phone call with an HRTPV agent
  • Agent confirms employees identity
  • Agent confirms new hire received the onboarding information and they agree to the terms and conditions
  • All interviews are recorded and archived

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