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Real Estate

In the real estate industry, it is important to provide clients, owners and tenants with great customer service.


AnswerNet can provide your real estate or property management team with award-winning call center support, from answering services to building maintenance management.  


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Call Center Services for Realtors and Property Managers

Real Estate Answering Services

When choosing AnswerNet for your telephone answering needs, you can be confident that our agents will answer your calls with a level of professionalism and courtesy.


Our agents will act as an extension of your team. If you or your staff is actively real estate farming, you can rest assured that our agents will act professionally, helping you build your business in a particular neighborhood or geographical area.


Our managers and client services staff have hands-on experience in real estate answering services, and our agents are provided with specific training that emphasizes accuracy, consistency and value.


Appointment Scheduling for your Real Estate Company

AnswerNet also offers Online Appointment Scheduling Services. With our web-based appointment scheduling system, your office can check, add, delete or reschedule client appointments without overlap, at any time from any web-enabled device.


Property and Building Maintenance Management

The most important thing to a property manager is a full complex with great quality tenants. Manage the maintenance of your residential or commercial property with AnswerNet’s Building Maintenance Management Services.


AnswerNet offers a web-based real estate maintenance work order system with live agents available to manage your maintenance requests and dispatch maintenance calls. From maintenance staff to contractors and management— using our Building Maintenance Management Services keeps everyone on the same page, ensuring a safe and happy residential community.


Cell Phone Answering Service

As a real estate professional or a property manager your profession often puts you on the road and you live by your cell phone - and callers want to speak with a live person. However, texting and talking on a mobile phone while driving is not a safe practice and is illegal in many states. Consider using our Cell Phone Answering Service to meet your business needs.


Appointment Setting for Real Estate Agents

Whether you need to qualify inquiries from your website and marketing campaigns or cold call a list of prospects, use our appointment setting services to set face-to-face appointments.


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AnswerNet performs all types of call center services for your business or organization. With thousands of customers, the odds are that we have delivered a program and worked in your industry.


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