Answering Services

What are Answering Services?

Answering Services are a type of telecommunications solution that answers calls on behalf of clients. Most everyone has a basic idea of what an answering service is and does. Over the years, the technology has evolved. Road-side pay phones are now smart phones – and that’s just the start.

The types of answering services have evolved alongside them. They vary by type of calling device as well as the business needs and answering service clients.

Whether the incoming call is by landline phone, smart phone, internet chat, or a text message, AnswerNet’s call centers answer the call.

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Types of Answering Services

Telephone Answering Service

Many people still picture a wall or desk top phone when they consider using an answering service. Providers direct incoming telephone calls to the answering service. An agent answers the call, takes messages, and handles any other routine tasks.

Cell Phone Answering Service

Cell phone answering services focus on needs especially important to mobile phone users. If your cell phone is your business phone during the day, you may not want to take those calls after-hours. Instead, a cell phone answering service takes them.

After-hours Answering Service

Do you find that many calls come in after you’ve closed for the day? AnswerNet after-hours answering services can help. Put our highly qualified agents to work for your after hours and overflow needs. They handle anything from Telephone Answering Services to Customer Service and Support.

Live Chat Answering Service

Live Chat answering services gives your customers immediate attention on your website. The service allows you to answer their questions as they arise, improving your customer service experience. In some cases, customers may prefer chat over a live phone call as well.

Texting Answering Service

With 3 billion people using SMS Text Messaging worldwide, customers expect convenient communication. Utilize your customer’s preferred method of communication with the help of a texting answering service.

Virtual Receptionist Service

With the help of a virtual receptionist service, your calls are answered 24/7/365, keeping your business open and engaged at all times. You’ll never miss a call again, gaining leads and providing world-class customer service. 

BPO Call Center Services

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the contracting of internal operations to a third-party service provider. The idea of outsourcing is intimidating to growing businesses. However, you never have to worry when you choose a well known and widely trusted BPO provider.

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