Josue Leon, Dir. of Operations

Ops Chat

Happy Spring, Everyone!

We can all be proud that AnswerNet employees bring passion to their jobs each day as we all strive for excellence. While too many companies focus mainly on complaints, errors and mistakes, the AnswerNet approach to management and ongoing training is to coach and motivate our employees in a positive and constructive way.

This is what inspired me to create GOTCHA! 

It happened when I realized we needed more ways to recognize the excellent work you do thousands of times each and every day, especially in a remote environment. 

So, when all of you hardworking agents are caught doing outstanding work and making the customer’s experience the best it can be… what a perfect time to randomly recognize you for a job “well done!”

Let’s say you’re having a hard day or just got off a difficult call. Then, poof! You suddenly find your email flooded with positive words and recognition from the entire company.

Will we “getcha” next?