It’s here!

Melissa Gamez, Dir. of Education

If you were onboarded as a new employee with AnswerNet after 2021, you’ll already be familiar with our in-house Learning Management System (or LMS).

An LMS automates training processes for employees. Learning Management Systems have proven to increase efficiency and knowledge retention, and even decrease turnover. AnswerNet LMS is not just job specific, it gives step-by-step walkthroughs on crucial daily processes that affect everyone throughout the entire enterprise, like using our Paycom system and timecards properly.

AnswerNet acquired our LMS software in 2021, and ever since, Melissa Gamez and members of her team have been diligently making sure that each and every training offered by AnswerNet will eventually live in the system. Our training library runs the gamut from basic essential training on AnswerNet’s culture and values, to role-specific and job-specific training for employees and managers across all of our departments.

Managers are able to see their employees’ engagement with training modules, and the software’s easy-to-use, easy-to-configure interface expedites and clarifies the training process. This way all AnswerNet workers are able to get a clear sense of what’s needed from them, so they can hit the ground running.

In the remote world, the LMS is a window into AnswerNet’s company culture for newbies learning the ropes, and offers a virtual warm-welcome through the videos and content it houses. Who can forget our fuzzy friend PAT the Duck?

The survey feature available to managers generates data-visualization, and allows for easy team-consensus. Gamez offered the fun example that if a department is having a pizza party, team members can use the survey feature to indicate preferred toppings or possible allergies, giving the manager a comprehensive overview of exactly what their team wants! The feature is versatile and can be built and deployed according to the team’s needs. So you can survey about anything, whether or not pizza is being served.

We’re not just experts and superusers of the software, we’re proliferators of it as well. We sell the LMS as MyHYPERTrack, and have used it to build trainings for agents contracted to projects like the Children’s Miracle Network. Scripting, call etiquette, and all necessary pieces were created by our management, and internalized by the respective agents.

We love using this software, and we’re excited to help other companies put their training processes on the HYPERTRACK to success!