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CRM Hosting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems can increase sales and provide more accurate data about your customers. So why are you ignoring CRM automation?


AnswerNet can provide an easy-to-implement and inexpensive CRM solution customized to your needs.


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A Hosting Service for Your CRM

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Do you want to increase sales and pinpoint areas for improvement in the sales process? Do you have in-depth customer data at your fingertips?


If not, AnswerNet has the solution. Let us host your CRM for you. AnswerNet can provide you with a CRM system to help organize and analyze your customer data.


With AnswerNet’s CRM Hosting Services, we can help you avoid big upfront fees or hiring your own technical resources. We’ll even help train you and your staff. Additionally, for a small monthly fee, AnswerNet will host your CRM and even customize it to your own business needs.

We can do this cost effectively because we use SugarCRM—an open-source CRM system. That means that the software itself is free. All you pay for is the server space to hold it and the on-call resources to maintain your system.


Contact AnswerNet today and ask about hosting SugarCRM.


Key Benefits

  • Save Administrative Time and Money
  • Easy-to-use
  • Customized to Fit Your Needs
  • Flexibility for Long and Short-term Projects
  • Feel Secure with our 30+ Years’ Experience
  • Integration with Inbound or Outbound Call Center Services
  • Very Affordable
  • No Maintenance
  • Easy-to-learn


Key Features

  • Easy-to-read Reports
  • Flexible Interface
  • Tasks, Projects and Action Items immediately Visible through the Dashboard
  • Secure Server
  • No Software to Buy
  • No Seat Licensing
  • Drag and Drop Dashboard Setup
  • Easy-to-interpret Graphics and Charts



For only $50/month for the first five users, and only $10 per user after that (plus a small setup fee), your business will get big company CRM benefits without the big company price tag.


Hosted SugarCRM with AnswerNet Includes:

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Standard Reports
  • 2 hours of SugarCRM user training
  • 2 hours of Support
  • Includes Tier 1 Level Support

So don’t wait. Start managing your customer base with more efficiency than ever before.

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