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Automated Check In Services

Our Automated Check In Services allow employees to clock in and out of work via their phone.


Great for managing time sheets for employees working remotely or to check on employee safety.


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Clock In / Clock Out Services for Payroll Backup and Employee Safety

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Telephone Clock In / Clock Out Services - Employee Time Tracking

With AnswerNet’s Automated Check In Services, any business professional can be a telephone timekeeping expert.


Our Check In Services allow employees to clock in and out of work via their phone, helping businesses to manage off-site employee time sheets while reducing time, money and payroll worries.


Now, staff can work remotely while keeping management informed of where they are at all times. Track employee work time accross multiple locations.


When staff are not where they’re expected to be, companies will receive real-time alerts – empowering businesses to ensure worker safety or to reallocate staff accordingly.


Automated Clock In Services can:

  • Improve your company’s green objectives by eliminating paper time sheets
  • Reduce costs and improve operations by streamlining communications in payroll
  • Increase productivity by managing remote staff more succinctly
  • Assist with unconventional offices, providing a simple solution to verifying timestamps from off-site staff such as sales reps, home aids, or maintenance workers


Check In for Safety - A Solution for Work Alone Legislation

Our Automated Check In Services can be used as a vehicle for ensuring work safety when used as a safety check-in line,


Managing Remote Employees and Work Alone Employees

Our Automated Employee Check In Services are ideal for any company whose employees work in remote areas or work alone and any company that needs to:

  • Confirm staff have arrived on site for scheduled on-going service delivery,
  • Confirm employees have safely arrived and departed job sites in remote areas or internal job sites, or
  • Continue to monitor employees throughout the duration of the shift safety by setting up check in calls (i.e., staff must check in every two hours to confirm their safety)


Industries with Remote Workers

Automated Check-In Services are great for all industries with employees working outside of the conventional office including:

  • Cleaning Services
  • Security Guard Companies
  • Cable Repair
  • Personal Support Workers/In-home Nurse Care Service
  • Insurance Adjusters
  • Trucking & Transportation
  • Construction


Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective
  • Allows For Off-site Management across Multiple Locations
  • Provides Useful Backup for Payroll
  • Can be used as an Employee Safety Check-in Line
  • Offers Peace of Mind
  • Alerts Can Be Set Up Based on Schedules
  • Great for the Service Industry


Key Features

  • Interactive Voice Response System
  • Self Service
  • Easy Uploading of Schedules
  • Detailed Reports
  • Toll-free Phone Number
  • Additional “Text Your Time Sheet” Feature Available


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Allow your employees to clock-in and clock-out of work by telephone.

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