What the Future Holds

~ Albert Sundve

The future, a realm yet unknown,
Unveils its mysteries, to us not shown.
A blank canvas, waiting to be filled,
With dreams and aspirations, waiting to be willed.

The future holds the keys to innovation,
Advancements in science, a boundless creation.
Technological marvels, yet to be unveiled,
Transforming the world, as stories are detailed.

In the realm of society, the future’s embrace,
Brings change and progress, a steady pace.
Challenges faced, with resilience and grace,
Empowering voices, striving for a better place.

The future holds the dreams we hold dear,
Whispering in our hearts, removing any fear.
Opportunities to grow, to learn, to evolve,
To shape our destinies, with problems, we’ll solve.

The future holds the power of unity,
To bridge divides, fostering community.
A world where empathy is the guiding force,
Connecting hearts, steering a new course.

But the future is shaped by the choices we make,
Actions we take, the path we partake.
It’s in our hands to mold, to paint the scene,
With kindness, compassion, and visions keen.

So let us step into the future’s embrace,
With hope and courage, we’ll find our place.
Embracing the unknown, with hearts bold,
For the future, an adventure waiting to unfold.