Top Benefits of a Remote Medical Answering Service for Your Practice

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Top Benefits of a Remote Medical Answering Service for Your Practice

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Medical practices and healthcare facilities can’t afford to let calls go unanswered. There are patients, clients, vendors, and partners calling in with a myriad of requests and concerns. In addition, leaving these stakeholders hanging will only encourage them to hang up – and never come back. Outsourcing to a medical answering service with agents who are well-versed in the healthcare field can benefit your business in many ways.

In the competitive healthcare landscape and regardless of the size of your medical practice, it’s important to ensure that someone is answering your calls, texts, emails, and live chats.

4 Benefits of a Remote Medical Answering Service

customer’s experience with your business has a ripple effect. A medical answering service has many benefits for you and your customers, including:

1. Improved Patient Journey/Satisfaction

A patient’s satisfaction is only as good as their experience. A positive patient experience is key for any medical practice or healthcare entity.

Your customers need to feel valued and heard, and the only way they can achieve this is if they feel they have access to you. Full-time medical answering services allow you to be available to your patients and other stakeholders around the clock.

Moreover, AnswerNet’s medical answering service employs highly-trained and HIPAA-compliant individuals who are always available to answer inquiries from patients, prospects, and partners. If a question comes in after hours, agents can connect with your callers and answer questions the way that YOU want them answered. 

2. Personal and Convenient

When you’re talking about medical issues, patients want and need to speak with an empathetic, knowledgeable person. A medical answering service will minimize the frustration and irritation of automated recordings, giving your patients better peace of mind. 

Save your patients from the frustrations and irritations of being answered by automation when they’re trying to make or reschedule an appointment. Providers need to put extra focus on making appointment setting an easier process. 

With a medical answering service, your calendar will be filled with happier patients. Furthermore, a full-service medical answering service can manage all after-hours calls, set appointments, change appointments, and cancel appointments – making the process more patient friendly and convenient. 

3. Strengthen Relationships and Enhance Quality of Care

Using a medical answering service allows you to create a better doctor-patient relationship by building trust, being empathetic, and earning respect outside your clinic hours. With a medical answering service, your patients will receive follow-up calls to help them stay on a healthy track.

Do your research when choosing a medical answering service to interact with your patients. The better the quality of service, the stronger the provider-patient relationship will be. The stronger that relationship grows, the higher quality of care the patient will receive. 

4. Minimize No Shows

To strengthen a relationship and to provide high quality of care, your patients need to show up. Missed appointments aren’t just annoying and frustrating, they affect your patients’ health and your bottom line. The flow and efficiency of your practice is disrupted and someone else missed the opportunity to get care. 

A medical answering service can eliminate no-shows by sending appointment reminders.

Medical Answering Service Benefits for Your Practice

Outsourcing to a remote medical answering service with agents who are knowledgeable in the healthcare field can provide numerous benefits for your business and customers alike.

At AnswerNet, our medical answering service adheres to full HIPAA compliance for your safety and security. You and your patients can rest easy knowing that all calls are recorded, time-stamped, and transcribed for quality assurance.

Let us answer your patients’ calls, freeing up your time to answer their call to health. Contact our team at 866-352-1438 or by clicking the button below.