New York City Medical Answering Services

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Professional Expertise

New York has long prided itself on being a city of immigrants, a melting pot of culture and a leader in all types of industries. The medical industry is no exception, and here at Answernet, we pride ourselves at being a leading provider in this field. For the city that never sleeps, neither does Answernet with our 24/7/365 coverage.

AnswerNet has a staff of professionals throughout New York City who are well versed in answering services geared toward businesses in the medical and healthcare industry.

When patients call in with pressing questions about medical services, insurance, and concerns about their options, we know exactly how to meet them where they are.

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Multilingual Support

We pride ourselves on ensuring every customer feels right at home. We employ agents who speak fluently in Spanish, French, and more.

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Scalable Offerings

No business is the same. We offer specialty services scaled to all businesses, from small start-ups to established enterprises.

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Seamless Integration

Our technology supports API integrations for smooth connection and interaction with your systems, platforms, and applications.

ExperT Agents

We give your callers the reassurance of a real person on the other end of the phone, when they’re making what can be a daunting call for many.

NYC medical appointment scheduling services, wherein we make appointments, manage appointments, and send out patient reminders, are also offered by AnswerNet. Using the organizing power of this feature is proven to cut down on tardy or absent patients. 

Training Programs

We hire naturally friendly individuals, and then train them to be the very best . Your calls will be taken with the utmost care, decorum, and professionalism — at any day, any hour, every single day of the year, regardless of holidays. 

Multilingual Options

We’re partnered with a real-time interpreting service to ensure that we can always provide agents with a variety of language and dialect abilities. Our own team includes bilingual agents; who can speak to customers in English, Spanish and French.

Our agents are required to maintain compliance to HIPAA/HITech laws, keeping within the standards set by varying complex regulatory bodies . We ensure that all of our call centers are HIPAA compliant, and each and every one of our agents are trained to observe HIPAA’s requirements. 

Stay Up and Running

Our network of call centers uses state-of-the disaster backup infrastructure and redirecting calls. Meaning your essential data will be maintained, and we’ll keep your office consistently available to your patients.


We have a legion of contracts with medical professionals in varying office styles across the country, and we’ve been working with the medical field to provide live agent support for years and years.

New York City medical answering services are our forté! We’re an industry leader, and we have a failsafe methodology for message-taking, delivery, prioritizing and dispatching incoming calls

We Can Help With...

  • 24/7/365 Service (no matter what!)
  • Range of Payment Options Available
  • Customizable Services
  • Numerous Facilities to Keep You Connected
  • Advanced Security and Compliance
  • Easy Integration with Your Current Technology
  • Local and Toll-Free Numbers Provided

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