AnswerNet in the News

This spring we’re celebrating David Emerson.

July 2022 will mark David’s four-year anniversary with AnswerNet. He’s an Administrative Supervisor in sunny Orlando, FL. Along with nearly 100 other accounts, David enjoys handling calls pertaining to Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta… the largest aquarium in the world!

David loves to scuba dive, which suits him perfectly for the dive tour inquiries that come into the Orlando office. A force to be reckoned with on both land and sea; he’s an instructor in seven different styles of Martial Arts, and also enjoys playing his guitar.

His interpersonal skills are so exceptional that a customer wrote in with praises, saying that David treated them “like a VIP” in preparing them for their diving adventure. The customer left the call excited and enthusiastic about the upcoming experience because of Mr. Emerson’s outstanding conversational skills. This delighted customer closed by saying, “I could have talked to David all day!”

Thanks for sharing your gift of gab with AnswerNet, David!